What the heck is this site?

This is primarily an information resource for a series of books starting with Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale  that are set in a fantasy realm called the Domains of the Chosen. This site serves as a guide to the world, updates, and a blog about my writing.

Where can you buy the Book?

Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale on Amazon.com

Blooodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale on Amazon.co.uk

What’s on here?

The Introduction is a good place to start. It covers most of the basics.

The Reckoning describes the great war that serves as a Catalyst for the foundation of the Domains

The Chosen describes the rulers of the Domains.

The Factions describes the popular factions of the Domains

The Gladiators overs everything about Gladiators, their training and lives.

The Great Games describes everything about the arena.

The World describes geography, places, and stuff.


2 comments on “About

  1. Christopher Mackie says:

    hi, ive acctually reread Bllodlust a couple of times, once to see if i liked the book and again to really immerse in the world. i can see why some people have complained about the fight scenes being overlong and the problem with that is to carfully make sure that it dosent become too stagnant in the future with a basic pattern repeating over and over and turning people off. personally it came off great to me, but is still somthing to look out for. dont let criticism of your writing style of “swift footed” sadira an “valiant” ……. stop you from using it in the future and after getting used to it made it a unique way of writing that whilst not traditional, was still quite interesting. in one of you bloggs you made a comment about how people called Sadira one demential and that she should become a chosen instead of gavin. and in some ways i agree, in as much as you can have a character that is driven towards one goal often comes off as one diminutional, but since she has significant conflict with leaving her friends behind i would say she is far more then. the problem leading into the second book is how to keep that conflict without gavin in the mix(ill assume the pyro will take up the mantle by making her see the other extreme). in terms of making Sadira chosen instead of Gavin i acctually agree. Quite simply sadira is a better gladiator where as gavin is the better fighter, sadira fights to win whereas gavin fights to survive. gavin should instead take the path less traveled to power if you know what i mean. the contrast between the two differing method can lead down the road to some interesting plot twists when the two competing views come into conflict.

  2. grimkrieg says:

    Hi Christopher. Welcome to my blog.

    I’ve actually made a few changes to the book over time. I polished and corrected the language a little bit, added a map, and a few travelling scenes. The map is the biggest deal I think. I’m trying to get Amazon to allow anyone who has an old copy to update, but you can e-mail them and ask for the updated version as well.

    Sadira is definitely a better Gladiator than Gavin. She is more aggressive and plays to the crowd. Gavin is less sure of himself and defensive by nature.

    The first two books follow Gavin’s career as a Gladiator. Originally Sadira was not going to appear again until the end of the second book, but since many people like her so much I have made sure she appears more. I find it very interesting to read what people think of the characters, thanks!.

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