The Shadow Wolf Sagas: The Whores’s War 3.37

What a week! There is so much going on around the world with Trump, The French Election, and South American politics I almost feel like it has been a month since our last post.

This is my weekly serial, written raw as a writing exercise.

You can find the first post in the series here.

Last week’s post is here.


I knew who had driven the fatal blow into Old King Siggurd, but until I knew why I could not share that knowledge.

But the treacherous blade was only part of the question. I still did not know what was behind the ambush in which the king had fallen. The sudden presence of a Skraeling army spoke of a much larger conspiracy than a knife in the back. I burned to know and lay the matter bare at last, but caution was in otder.

Once, I would have charged in, accusations flying from my lips, but the wisdom of my clan had sunk in me exile, and I knew it was best to be prepared with all of the facts when I came before Siggurd’s children.


I slept well that night, better than I had in many years. I would have been content to drift in and out of sleep for the whole morning, but Eiskra jumped on me shortly after The Twins woke.

“Back for more?” I asked, mock serious.

“I wish, we have business to attend to, Old Wolf,” said Eiskra. “We are meeting at the Union Hall. The time has come to clear your name and dispel the rumours that you murdered Rake.”

“Hmmmm, yes… that,”

“You forgot didn’t you?”

“In my defence I have had a busy few days. Are you certain I should show up like this, I look pretty battered and broken. I might limp.”

“We want heroic Ragnar who suffered grievous harm in the pursuit of justice rather than intimidating Ragnar for this meeting. The Carriage will be here soon; Get up or you’ll miss the bacon.”

As I considered complying or stealing a few more moments of sleep, my sensitive ears picked up another presence downstairs.

“Is Carmen here?”

“Yes. She is still playing the part of our new apprentice,” said Eiskra. “She stays downstairs though; we need to get moving…”

“Point made, can you help me with my armour then?”

Eiskra nodded. With her help I quickly donned padded clothing and a suit of black studded leather armour. It was uncomfortable and impractical in a long carriage ride, but I knew that that it looked impressive. As Eiskra finished with the last buckle and stood we kissed and lingered for moment.

“Its the leather, always does it for me,” she said.

Chuckling, I pulled my weapons from the shelves, frowning at the empty space where my greatsword should hang. Instead I pulled down my axe and the elegant truncheon that I used in my days as a doorman for Madame Glorianna; a symbol of my connection to the guild.

“I wish you’d let me do your hair,” said Eiskra.

“I have an image to maintain. One which does not involve fine Myrrhnese braiding.”

The smell of thick slices of bacon had me salivating by the time we hit the bottom stair. Vethri was talking to Carmen, discussing some intricacy of empathizing with a client while selecting their punishments. Carmen, dressed seriously and solemnly, nodded at us.

“Did you give up the Assassin’s life Carmen?”

“You wish, Old Wolf,” she said, breaking character a little. “The Guild has business with The Doxies’s Union still. I am here to observe.”

“Are you the only one of your brethren watching this?”

“Officially, yes. Unofficially, I’m sure you know that several of our members are also part of the Union for their own purposes.”

“Yes, we can respect that,” said Vethri. “So why did they send you?”

“I can’t say,” said Carmen. “But it involves Lily Gemarkand…”



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