The Shadow Wolf Sagas: The Whores’s War 3.27

Hello! this is my weekly serial, written raw as a writing exercise.

You can find the first post in the series here.

Last week’s post is here.


“You’re going to face Ulfgorr in single combat? Did I hear that right?” Git did not look impressed. Being from Kanung, he understood the concept of honour, but he was not an adherent at all.

“Living in Myrrhn has made you cynical.”

“Not at all, I came to live in this city because I found that the culture aligned with my view of the world,” said Git. “Did you come here to say farewell before you commit suicide by ascended werewolf?”

“Some thing like that. But just in case I change my mind, do you have any of that concoction that Murith used when we fought him.”

“I do,” said Git. “Do you want it as a weapon oil or a throwing flask?”

“Won’t it ruin any weapon I place it on?”

“Will that matter if you are dead?”

“I think the flask is a better option, if only for the element of surprise.”

“Just don’t drop it. Once the white sparkstone within is exposed to the air it will start to burn and light the sunfire oil immediately.”

“That is good to know.”

“I would warn you against using it to kill yourself, but I don’t think that is necessary now.” said Git.

“I can beat him.”

“Let’s not equivocate possibility with probability, Ragnar. You and I have not always had an easy time as friends, but I do not want to see you die. Thus I cannot approve of your actions here. Wolki would never have sent Ulfgorr to challenge you if he thought you would win.”

“That is true. But there is always fortune and the favour of the gods.”

“And what secrets do you have to sell to Skygge that would cause him to favour you over the Lord of his clan?”

“I’ll think of something. Thank you for everything Git.”

“I hope you do Ragnar friend, I really do.”


“I could fight him for you, Ragnar. We could do this if you Challenge Wolki, he will name Ulfgorr as a Champion and you can name me as yours.”

“I don’t think I can regain my honour if I let a Loragonian Duellist fight my battles for me. Besides on the off chance Ulfgorr were to best you, we would both die, which is not a risk I wish to take Renoit. You have stood beside me through many a tough battle, but this battle I must face alone.”

“May I come to witness the duel?”

“I would be honoured Renoit. But before that day comes, there is another way you can help me. I feel a few practice bouts with you would help sharpen my skills; I will need to use finesse to stand against Ulfgorr in a duel.”

“And finesse is definitely not your strongest asset… I don’t suppose I could convince you to use a sabre?”

“I prefer to stick with a Nordan blade; we don’t have enough time to break in a new weapon, let alone learn a new style of fighting.”

“That is unfortunate. I have a silver sabre that would do the job nicely. I call her Adrianna.”

“I hope Adrianna does not feel spurned, but I am loyal to my own blades.”

“Very well Ragnar, let’s see if I can teach you something useful this time,”



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