The Shadow Wolf Sagas: The Whores’s War 3.22

Hello! this is my weekly serial, written raw as a writing exercise. This week as a bonus I was sick and exhausted to boot!

You can find the first post in the series here.

Last week’s post is here.


“You want me to dress like a whore?” asked Carmen. “I have no problem with that, it actually sounds fun, Ragnar.”

We needed to disguise Carmen. Ulfgorr was bound to return, but he would be more wary this time and would not attack if he recognized the assassin. We were waiting for The Twins at a private room in The Inn of The Willing Wench.

“And the funeral for dignity with be held next Sixthday,” quipped Murith. “Please dress appropriately.”

“I like you Watch Sargent,” purred Carmen. “We are going to be such good friends.”

“The Doxies’s Union is not just for prostitutes, dancers, and burlesque performers Carmen,” I interjected before Murith could retort. “There are actually a large number of clerks, factors, doormen, bouncers, and support personnel.”

“Support personnel?” asked Carmen, lifting her cleavage and making a face at Murith.

“Cooks, seamstresses, musicians, and craftsmen are all part of the Union. It takes a small army to keep all of the brothels running in Myrrhn.”

“You sure know a lot about whorehouses, Grimfang,” said Carmen.

“I do. I worked as a doorman all over Myrrhn for a decade, and on the side during my adventuring days. Can you act as if this matters? Surely you understand the importance of the guild system.”

Carmen looked at me with a raised brow. “It is not the same. The Nightblades are a serious guild.”

Murith laughed. “I am always amused with the idea that murder for hire is more honourable than harlotry.”

“Fine,” said Carmen. “I will take this seriously.”

“Good. I’ve brought Vethri and Eiskra here to help you with your disguise. You will be posing as one of their aides. They will also brief you on the etiquette of your station, how to act, and who you need to know.”

Since we could not be certain of where and when Ulfgorr would attack, my plan was to continue helping The Twins with their struggles in the Doxies’s Union. I still was not certain who killed Rake and how Ulfgorr was involved, but I was coming to think that it involved Lily Gemarkand, Wolki of the Shadow Wolves, and The Nightblades in some fashion. I did not have to be an alchemist to know that this was a volatile mix.

“What exactly is the situation in The Doxies’s Guild?” asked Carmen. “I thought things had died down.”

“They had. But on the day that The Twins called quorum to see if they had the support to assume leadership of The Union, we had a guest both who was wondrous and unwelcome; a woman by the name of Diamond Silvermane who announced that she had assumed ownership of The Pink Pearl, a brothel frequented by your mentor, and that she was leaving The Union. Diamond Silvermane spoke to the greed of many of those gathered. Why should they have to pay dues to support older guild members or support personnel? Needless to say, she caused a ruckus. Worse yet, before the night was done, one of our most prominent supporters was found butchered in such a way that it seemed like I was trying to send a violent message to someone. Diamond Silvermane, who is a servant of Lily Gemarkand, was quick to take advantage. The Twins have been trying to negotiate support and keep The Union from falling apart.”

“Lovely,” said Carmen.

There was a knock on the door. Vethri and Eiskra entered. I introduced them to Carmen and then excused myself so that I could get a drink while they became better acquainted.





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