The Shadow Wolf Sagas: The Whores’s War 3.15

Hello! this is my weekly serial, written raw as a writing exercise.

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Further discussions about the contents of Lily Gemarkand’s letter to The Twins bore no fruit. Eiskra was angry, but allowed Vethri to talk her out of rash action. We could not find proof of Lily’d gambit, not determine what would upset her enough to engage in a direct threat with little to gain. In the end her motivations and goals remained a mystery, for now at least.

Murith and I set forth to Burning Hill once more. She was set to report in for duty, and I wanted to make certain that she arrived safely; if Ulfgorr still lived he would revisit his hurt on Murith if he could.

We walked through the busy streets of Myrrhn only when necessary, navigating through alleys, hidden under-bridges, and out of the way tunnels to move across the city rapidly. We saw others making their way through these paths and I watched them closely, but none approached us or paid more mind than basic courtesy required.

We did happen upon a vendor selling ginger cakes at the fountain in the Sea King Grotto, and when we stopped to buy some our conversation returned to the murder.

“It has to be related to one of Lily’s schemes; who else would have something to gain from framing you for the murder, Ragnar?”

“It doesn’t really count as framing me for murder. I’m not even being questioned in regards to the crime.”

“I meant what I said,” Murith looked up at me from her ginger cake.  “Lies often run far ahead of the truth Ragnar, and the bigger lies only seem to excite more interest as they travel. People will see the lack of investigation as confirmation of the sway of The Twins or the corruption of The Watch. For most of them, the truth is irrelevant until well after the event. I have arrested more than a few murderers who thought that their partner or lover was cheating on them and only found out that it was just a rumour after the deed was done.”

“There’s truth to that.”

“Could Lily have hired Ulfgorr?”

“It is possible. Ulfgorr only acts at the behest of Wolki, the current leader of the Shadow Wolf clan though, and I cannot see a connection between him and Lily.”

“What about money?”

“Wolki is not interested in gold.”

“Everyone is interested in gold Ragnar; you keep stacking treasure in front of them and eventually you will get anyone’s attention.”

“Fair enough, but Lily is too miserly to appeal to Wolki’s greed. She would have to have something else he wanted.”

“What about the stuff from Cinder’s ship?”

“The Nightblades took that. I know Lily would not risk their wrath again. She learned her lesson with Sapphire’s death.”

“Which brings us back to Ulfgorr. We need to find out who killed Rake and if it wasn’t Ulfgorr then we need to know why he was waiting for us in the carving house.”

“Well someone is bound to have seen Rake before he died. He was a vibrant enough figure. The only problem is that I cannot question any of the Doxies he worked with since they might think I’m involved.”

“I can do that, Ragnar. Meanwhile, why don’t you check among your Nordan contacts? The method used to kill Rake is Nordan, and even if none of your countrymen is involved whoever did it had to learn it from one of them?”

“Well, it is a thin lead, but I have nothing else to follow.”

“Good, I will let you know what I learn.”


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