Teaser Tuesday

It is still Tuesday somewhere, I am certain…

Anyways here is a Teaser from my next book, Red Fangs (The Shadow Wolf Sagas #2)

After searching a few of these we found ourselves in an area called The Husk, where an entire street had been consumed by green flame over a decade ago and not yet rebuilt. It was a dismal sight, the bones of once vital buildings looming through the mist like the carcasses of long forgotten beasts.

“The basements on most of these places are still be intact,” said Murith. “We often get called into clear this area of vagrants. It has been quiet for weeks though.”

“Tis a great place for an ambush.”

“Cinder is a coward and a trickster,” said Berkhilda. “He would favour traps over direct confrontation.”

“Do either of you know what he looks like?” asked Murith.


“He wears a red mask,” said Berkhilda. “And I am told that he is not large of stature.”

“That’s not much to go on.”

I raised my hand for silence and walked forward, concentrating, letting my senses go. The smell of smoke and ash and ash was overpowering, but underneath it all I could detect the scent of blood and the chemical smell from the bloodsuckers who attacked Murith and her squad. This was the place, then. Cautiously, I sifted through the other scents. Human waste. A venomous creeper vine. Cheap liquor and old sweat. Still, despite the confirmation, something bothered me.

“This is the place,” I said. “Cinder had the basement cleared out and proofed against scent and sound. But I can clearly smell blood and that drug. I think we are meant to find this place. I can hear something else too.”

“So it’s a trap.”

“I think so,” I could definitely hear a sound now, a faint but steady sobbing muffled by layers of earth and broken buildings.


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