Teaser Tuesday

Meet the redoubtable Berkhilda, a Questioner who partners with Ragnar in my upcoming Shadow Wolf Sagas book: RED FANGS.


A model of a Daedric Axe from Elders Scrolls

“Are you sure you want to carry that thing?” I said, eyeing Berkhilda’s weapon. It looked like it weighed more than a heavy maul, and had a definite aura of magic about it.

“I have a permit for it, Ragnar Skyggeson,” replied Berkhilda.

“That may be so, but wouldn’t you rather have a weapon that is better for close quarters?” I said, trying to reason with her. “I mean, most of the places that I have faced Cinder’s people don’t have room to swing.”

Berkhilda stopped and looked me in the eye. She held up a gauntlet and made a fist. “This is for close quarters… as are these.” she showed her fangs. “I assure you I need no other weapons, exile.”

I dropped the subject. “What are your ideas on finding Cinder?” I asked as we walked down the carefully manicured streets of the Old Town Isle, our path lit by a constellation of wrought lanterns. If the guards payed any care for Berkhilda’s armaments, I did not see it. It is nice to fit in, I suppose.

“I have arranged a meeting with some of my father’s kin,” said Berkhilda, snarling a little. “They may have information that is useful to us. We will meet them near Highward Grove. I do not wish to be late, so walk briskly, if you please.”

I shook my head and followed after, hoping the potential for disaster heralded by a vampire from a clan of temperamental berserkers was somewhat offset by access to her father’s contacts… and his brandy…


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