The Shadow Wolf Sagas: The Whores’s War 3.11

Murith and I hobbled away from the carving yard, after a brief conversation with the Master Butcher and the duty officer of The Watch. There was no sign of Ulfgorr and his two accomplices; I doubted that fate was kind enough to have show me his last day. If Ulfgorr was truly trying to kill me, then Wolki must have given the order. My former clan, or at least it’s leader, wanted me dead.

“Are you alright, Old Wolf?” asked Murith.

“The werewolf that tried to kill us was an old friend of mine.”

“I wondered. You seem pretty certain he isn’t dead.”

“He is Twiceborn and a Werewolf to boot. By Garm’s shining spear, I hope that he is slain, but I will not believe it until I see proof. Worse yet, Ulfgorr might threaten and intimidate on his own accord, but the Prime of the Shadow Wolves keeps him on a short leash. The leader of my former clan wants me dead.”

“Why wouldn’t he hire an assassin?”

Murith had a point. There were plenty of people willing to kill me in Myrrhn, and Wolki certainly had enough money. Although Wolki was not the greatest Prime the clan had ever had, he was still subtle enough to avoid recrimination and discovery if he used the Nightblades.

“I don’t know, Murith. Where are we going? I thought we agreed on ale.”

“Git’s house first. If your friend is still alive, I want more ammunition.”


We walked in silence for a moment. The crowds parted and moved around us. We received a few curious glances, a limping watch officer and a battered Nordan, but most people just kept moving, flowing along the streets to reach their destinations. In a place like Myrrhn, remaining impersonal is considered polite. As we neared Git’s shop, Murith stopped and spoke up again.

“Ragnar. They were waiting for us there. They had to be. Do you think that this Ulfgorr killed Beauchamps?”

“Garm’s teeth!”

In truth, I had considered this, but dismissed it. What would Ulfgorr and Wolki care for the arcane workings of the Doxies’ Union in Myrrhn? It seemed odd and far fetched, but in truth, I was so out of touch with my homeland that I could not be certain at all.

“I don’t know Murith, but I cannot see any other explanation. Ulfgorr or one of his men killed Beauchamps and made it look like I might be behind the murder and then tried to ambush us when we followed the clues. I do not know what this portends, but it cannot be good.”

“Its not all bad, though.”

“How so?”

“They failed to kill us.”



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