Teaser Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and time for yet another teaser. This week it is from my upcoming book, Red Fangs (The Shadow Wolf Sagas #2). It is still a WIP, very raw and rough.

“Is this how the people of Cliffshadow operate now, turning on their own families for coin?”

“What do you know of this place, Nordan?”

“Enough to know that you have overstepped, Curran. I have lived in Myrrhn for longer than you’ve drawn breath; I know the streets.”

“I’ve heard of you, Ragnar the Exile,” said Curran. “Is it true that you are ascended?”

“It is.”

“Here that boys? Ascended blood is real rare, I wager; this one will be worth a lot to our friends. The one who takes him earns a set of fangs like mine.”

The thing about the Shadow Wolf clan is that we hear better and see better at night than most men. That goes double for me after crawling out of my own pyre. Thus, while the cut-throat gliding through the shadows behind me had every reason to think he would live up to his name he met with my fist instead. Or rather he met with the plate of metal over my fist, and crumpled in a heap. My eyes never left Curran’s.

“I am Ragnar Grimfang of the Shadow Wolves, I am twiceborn, called Bloodaxe and Nighteyes, I slew Torvul and Magni Red-sails,” I intoned, my voice carrying in the night. Sometimes a little theatre can strike fear into ones opponents. I honestly hoped the other boys would run, my only care was for Curran. “I am here for my friend Delilah, who clawed her way out of this place with will and hard work, only to be betrayed, slaughtered, and sold by someone she trusted. Your guilt is written on your fangs Curran. I have come for you, and any who are foolish enough to get in my way.”

To punctuate my speech a low growl sounded from the dark behind me.


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