Lazy Sunday Teaser

Busy week for me. In the chaos I forgot to write my Thursday serial, the Rune. I did however get to spend some time with my sister, Deanna, and my niece, Grace (almost 2!) and my son weathered a nasty virus of some sort and is almost back to his jovial self. Since I cannot quite do the serial justice tonight, I will wimp out with a teaser from my newest book, Bloodlust: The Seeds of Ruin, which finally has some reviews up on Amazon.


Hilena shook her head. His idea sounded mad. “Create a Gifted?”

“Yes, I know how it sounds,” said Agga. “Since long before the Reckoning, probably as long as we have known about the Gift, the powerful have been trying to figure out a way to control how it manifests. Breeding. Exposure. Magical experimentation. The creation of entire new races. You would not believe the lengths that Chosen Moltar, for example, has gone through in simple eugenics. But they all failed, and I am not certain I could do any better, so I approached the problem from a different direction. I capture the spirits of powerful gifted and repurpose them, so to speak.”

“I’m not sure I follow. What do you mean by repurpose?”

“I capture the spirit, purify it, and place it in a magically created body; a kind of homunculus. The spirit retains its magical affinity and physical skills but is nearly a blank slate. It is an exhausting process, but effective.”

“Are you going to try that with this thing?” Hilena pointed to the hideous tree.


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