Teaser from Seeds of Ruin

Tis the Sunday after release and it is time for another teaser from the Bloodlust: The Seeds of Ruin (Domains of the Chosen #6).


Agga turned his eyes from the bay. “The arena in Frostbay won’t see action for some time, now. We will have to avail ourselves of another place. Now, watch the ice, right about there. If all goes well, you will soon witness something wondrous.”

The Runemaster said nothing else, but stared intently at the bay. Hilena felt a tremor, or rather sensed a shift in the patterns of the bay. As she was puzzling this out, Lignam stiffened and stood still.

The ice heaved, and then some monstrous appendage thrust into the air, mud, water, and ice sloughing from it. Another and another followed. They kept rising and Hilena realized that what she saw were towers and tall buildings. As she watched, a whole city, larger than Frostbay, smashed its way through the ice, like some great beast rising, roaring, from the depths. The patterns and power at work were dazzling, like staring at the sun.

 Ice split and fell away in ship-sized sheets. A great spray of water misted over the whole scene. Tall towers, buildings, streets, and houses soon shed their coat of muck and ice, while other sections rose further out. A coastline appeared. The last of the sections to resolve was familiar to Hilena; it contained the palace that housed both Antidilluvius and the Dark Heart.


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