The Rune 1.7

After much soul-searching, I have decided to write a few short stories, unrelated to the other works, before continuing on with the next of the Shadow Wolf Sagas, just to keep it fresh. As always, this is raw and uncut; enjoy responsibly.

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For several tense minutes we moved quickly, and everything passed in a blur of old concrete, endless pipes, and shadowed side-passages. Despite being llonger of limb I found it difficult to keep up with the ground-eating strides of my guide. Worse yet, Amy with the gun was suddenly taciturn, moving too quickly and urging silence. I worried over that quiet and what it could mean, thoughts of growlers, or worse, stalking us and impending betrayal chief among my fears.

But, after we put some distance between us an the growlers, Amy with a gun suddenly seemed to relax.

“Thank The Word,” she said, stopping and stretching.


“The camp was moved. Something must have gone wrong, most likely one of the local denizens found it and became a pest. It happens. Thankfully, I just found a marker.”

She gestured at the wall with her gun. At first I saw nothing. Then, suddenly, the words “THIS WAY” suddenly appeared. Looking at the words I felt a strong sense of direction, almost as if I was being pulled toward the destination. Runes.

“What is this camp exactly?”

“It is a gathering of people like us. People who can see the Runes,” said Amy with the gun, walking in the indicated direction. We passed another set of “THIS WAY” Runes. “They will decide what to do with you.”

When I realized that I was able to read the Runes, I had slowly distanced myself from everyone I loved. Most of them merely thought it was “the greys”, the deep depression that acts as a kind of passage to adulthood in our dysfunctional society. Still the realization that I might never see my sister or my friends again washed over me and I paused.

“You alright?” asked Amy with a gun.

“I’ll live.”

“It won’t be bad for you. Once you are vetted, we will try to find you some place comfortable. Eventually, you will fit in just fine.”


Amy with a gun gave a quick smile, and turned, moving toward the next set of “THIS WAY” Runes, which directed us down a twisting passage.


“Look, buddy, we had our bonding moment and it was nice and everything, but I want to go home,” said Amy with the gun, rolling her eyes.

“Look at those runes.”

I pointed at the “THIS WAY” runes. Underneath, in a different script, I saw a different set of runes. “MARK THEM”

Amy stared hard at the wall, frowning. She opened her mouth, and closed it again.

“I see it now,” she said quietly. “But it is beyond my ability to read. Tell me what it says.”

“Mark them.”

“Oh no,” said Amy, face falling.


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