Teaser Tuesday

Here is another teaser for the Bloodlust: The Seeds of Ruin. The idea comes from a joke first related to me by a friend. People who live in places with snow should be familiar…

The wind cut through the streets of Frostbay, driving the hardy citizens indoors. Those who had pressing business outside wore enormous fur-lined jackets and face masks. Gavin did not need these, the cold was uncomfortable but not life-threatening to a Chosen. The snow was a different matter, obscuring his vision as it would any man.

Visibility was reduced to a matter of a few strides at times and Gavin was having trouble finding his destination. He could not get his bearings through local landmarks; Frostbay was simply too unfamiliar.

“Ancestor’s rancid shite,” muttered Green Sting beside him. “I hate the cold.”

The Quickling Hearthbound was bundled in thick furs, despite his magic. Silver Rose, by contrast seemed even less effected by the cold than Gavin.

“It must be around here somewhere,” said Gavin.

“What are we looking for again?” asked Green Sting.

“The Winter Snake Inn,” answered Gavin. “The sign is a picture of a furred white serpent on the snow over a yellow hole. It is a reference to a joke that people in the north play on visitors from the south.”

“I don’t get it,” said Green Sting.

“Think about it, Billiam,” said Silver Rose. “What leaves a yellow hole in the snow?”

“Oh,” Green Sting burst into laughter.


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