Teaser Tuesday

This week’s Teaser is from Bloodlust: Red Glory (Domains of the Chosen #4)


Throughout the series thus far, there has been a vein of conspiracy, starting with Valaran’s cheating in the first two books. In Red Glory we see all sorts of underhanded actions come to light, one detail that might seem trivial, but that appears in all of the books except the first, is strange runes that seem to appear on some Gladiator’s weapons (Karmal has these in book 2 when she fights Sadira. In the upcoming Seeds of Ruin the purpose of these runes is revealed. Red Glory, however, details how they appear.

It was all done right under the noses of the Grey-Robes: Scarmaker’s benefactor sent him another letter, telling him where and when to meet as well as what to tell the officers of the Deliberative who would be escorting him.

For a moment he wondered if it was a trap, but the actions he was being asked to take could not be seen as traitorous. Even if it was discovered, he could easily feign ignorance.

So Scarmaker went out into the city of Krass, stopping at a shop called Baret’s Blades, where he gave his weapons to a young smith to examine while the Grey Robes looked on.

The smith was not even a vassal, but Scarmaker still had to admire his work. He ran a whetstone across the edges of the blade, and oiled the metal. The young man checked the grip and tested all of the runes with a channelling rod. It took about half an hour before he was satisfied.

“These look fine,” said the young Smith. “However, I think you should return tomorrow before your match and let my master examine the edging on the major runes. He has a special carving technique that can enhance the power of the rune by as much as two percent in a small period of time.”

“Of course,” said Scarmaker, taking back the weapons that the smith handed to him.

The Grey Robes escorting him never realized that Scarmaker had left his actual knives behind and that the ones he carried were merely very convincing fakes, runes and all.


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