Tuesday Teaser

This week’s teaser is from Bloodlust: Will to Power (Domains of the Chosen #2)


The Cover for Bloodlust: Will to Power

Omodo is one of my favourite characters from the whole series, and I know he has his fans. In some ways he is a another reader identification hero, as his struggles (acceptance, confidence) are far closer to those faced by most readers than those of Sadira (overconfidence, anger, lonely at the top). He has an interesting (cameo) role to play in the Seeds of Ruin, although he does not show up in person…

Neither fighter let up. Omodo drove Gavin back ceaselessly, smashing his shield with punishing blows whenever he caught him out of position. Gavin danced forward, landing a masterful lunge that caught an unarmoured side. The crowd cheered this, but Gavin’s triumph was short lived as Omodo hooked the edge of Gavin’s shield with the back spike on his own weapon, then pulled it out of the way before ramming his horn into Gavin’s chest.

Sadira winced. She had been on the receiving end of attacks like that often enough on the training grounds. Omodo was more comfortable with his body now and he used his horn to great effect.

Thrown backwards by the attack, bloody spit arced out of Gavin’s mouth. He rolled awkwardly to his feet, looking much the worse for the exchange.

Omodo charged. Gavin stood his ground, drawing his spear back for a throw, channelling power. He threw. The spear arced wide. Omodo crashed into Gavin’s shield, knocking him off his feet again. The crowd cheered as the Armodon raised his hammer. Sadira sensed, rather than saw, the burst of power that reached out from Gavin and swung the spear around in mid-flight redirecting it towards the Armodon. Perhaps Omodo sensed it too, or he might have anticipated the attack; with a slight flourish he turned, stomping a heavy foot down at Gavin while knocking the flying spear away with the haft of his maul.

It was deftly done Sadira had to admit.

Gavin avoided the bone-crushing stomp. He rolled to the side and came to his feet with a twist, his short sword was in his hand. He thrust at Omodo. The Armodon was attempting to strike him with the haft of his weapon as he turned back to face him. Both of them struck home. Gavin’s thrust drew blood from the Armodon’s thick hide. Omodo’s haft smashed into Gavin’s shoulder-guard and chin dislocating his jaw. The sheer power of the blow knocked him off his feet. He was standing up again, readying a thrust and a mental blast as the match-time ran out and the trumpets sounded.


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