Next Serial

The second run of The Shadow Wolf Sagas, Red Fangs wrapped up last week. I am currently toying with what I want to do with serial night (Thursday is serial night). Here are a few thoughts. Feel free to comment if any interest you.

The Shadow Wolf Sagas: The Whores’s War

This is the most likely candidate; despite the racy title it will concentrate on the mechanics of power in Myrrhn a seen through the lens of a certain Nordan twiceborn. The conflict centers around who will take control of the Doxies’s Union, the organization that controls Myrrhn’s many pleasure houses. Ragnar is involved because his housemates, the enigmatic twins, are among the contenders.

I like this one because it involves politics, economic theory, and institutional conflict.

Space Action!

Ever since my first serial, Nomads, I have been considering how to get back into a serial that involves futuristic action.

I like the idea of massive nomadic fleets, scavengers, and soldiers controlling auxilliary drones.

Making an RPG

My final idea is to make an RPG, is serial, tackling systems and so on each week. I’m not sure if thos would appeal to anyone but me, but I am itching to make a new magicky/cyberpunky game since Shadowrun 5th is starting to feel like pulling the teeth (The system is weighed down by legacy, even if the world is still cool)

I like this idea because I like RPGs.


One comment on “Next Serial

  1. […] am still undecided on what I want to do for my next serial. Also, Ronan is crawling now, which is too cute to miss. Here is a rough teaser from my next book. […]

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