The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Red Fangs 2.55

Shadow Wolf time! This is part of my weekly writing exercise, written raw and rough. The first story arc, Blade Breaker, can be found here. The first story of this arc, Red Fangs, can be found here. The previous week’s post can be found here.


The remains of Cinders crew ran off into the night, leaving her pinned to the ground. I suspected that few of them would make it out of Splinterside; the docks gangs can smell blood as well as any Vampire.

“Let go of me,” intoned Cinder. “I will pay you your weight in gold, Northlander. You have no idea of the riches that I command.”

“And here I thought you wanted to start a war; to lead your people out of their supposed torpor and start the grand struggle for supremacy.”

“We will not let you go, Cinder,” said Berkhilda. “You must pay for the chaos that you have caused.”

Berkhilda, breathing heavily, slumped down to the deck. I could see the bolts in her back and arm, blood leaking from the wounds. The wounds would have felled most people, but I was surprised that the big vampire was having trouble. She’d shown herself to be quite resilient.


“It may be,” said Berkhilda. “I think I will rest here for a while, Ragnar.”

“It is my curse upon you, wretch.” snarled Cinder. “I hope you die, Vintul. It pleases me to know that you will follow me into the final death.”

Berkhilda coughed.I looked over at her. Cinder tried to twist out from under me, but I locked her in an armbar, knee in her back.

“It is done Cinder. You will be turned over to the Watch. They will find out the truth of your affairs and then they will execute you, I wager. They are not kind on those who kill their own.”

“You have no idea Ragnar, you have no idea what I have done. Forget Vintul, she is already dead. You let me go and I will give you a secret that will help your whore friends win their little war and more.”

“What could you, a vampire and a blood-mage, possibly know that is of use to me? What would send you scurrying about the city turning gangs and attacking alchemists?”

“Unlimited wealth,” said Cinder. “You’ll see. Just look at your friend.”

Berkhilda held up a bloody hand. In the dying light, under all of the blood, I could see a shimmer of gold.



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