Sunday Night Teaser

Ah, tis late and I just finished the day’s writing. So for blog night I will leave you with a teaser from the new book. It is very raw and not yet edited.

“Hello, old friend.”

“Fuck. Skaerus. You scared the shit out of me.” (Ravius speaking here — had to cut some to avoid spoilers)

Skaerus, with a monstrous metal clad figure standing behind him. One of Antidilluvius’s knights, it seemed. An Ogre by the size of him. Big brute with a war-cleaver and heavy armour, the sort of fighter that Ravius loved coming up against in the arena. Steel plates could not turn words, and that cleaver, once set in motion by a clever feint would be so hard to regain control of.

“I’m sorry, brother. Sir Domascutus here has some questions for you. He is curious about Chosen Gavin.”

The eyes behind the steel mask glared at Ravius for several moments. Skaerus put on a bored expression, leaning against the doorway, but he did not fool Ravius; they were testing him.

“You seem familiar to me, Ravius Vergerus, and yet I cannot have met you,” said the Knight at last. “It is the same with Chosen Gavin. The one called Lionfang and Mindripper.”


“It is what the Wirn call your friend,” added Skaerus.

“Oh, it makes sense I suppose,” said Ravius.

“Why?” asked Domascutus.

“Gavin and Sadira fought in the arena against the Wirn. Gavin did something to them, fucked with their mindlink, they call it the thoughtstream if I recall correctly, and they just gave up. It was like losing their limbs or worse to them. They just wanted to die.”

“The arena…” said Domascutus. Through the eye-slits in the massive Knight’s helm, Ravius could see that he was distant, unfocused. It was bizarre, potentially interesting even, but he needed to disengage and find Hummingblade.

“Is there anything else?”


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