Tuesday Teaser

This week’s teaser comes from Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale.


Cover for Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale.

This week we have Meady Mox, a character based around an old housemate of mine. Quite a nasty character. The passage speaks for itself.

Meady Mox started off the day a happy man. Even his timid, ill-used assistant had benefited from his good humour so far, enjoying the respite from her boss’s rough hands and vicious temper. Deathmatches always drew better crowds; for this fight, seats were sold out even at ten times his normal price, including the additional seats on the wooden bleachers he had constructed to handle the extra capacity.  He stood to make an immense profit today. The best part was, since the main fight involved only Gladiators, he would not have to pay for any replacement beasts no matter who was killed. If only the Great Games were more like the old days, when Deathmatches were more common; it would make each fight almost pure profit and rid the world of more troublesome bitches like the soon-to-be-headless Sadira.

The thought of proud, luscious Sadira meeting her end, begging for her life in front of the crowd made Mox ecstatic. And even if she and her boyfriend managed to beat Bella and Cat it was not really that bad for him; He would miss the fleshy romps that he had enjoyed with the two girls, but it was easy enough for him to find others like them. His arrangement with them couldn’t last forever. After all, hadn’t he seen lithe Bella talking to a visiting recruiter for the Red Faction recently? He frowned at the thought. Gladiatrices are all harlots and bitches, he thought, no loyalty to the men who make them what they are.

He was also looking forward to the lusty Karmal, who had consented to watch the match with him. At first the flame-haired Gladiatrix had been cold and formal in her dealings with him; but over the past months he had arranged to have several discussions with her. She now knew what he could do for her career, arranging better matches and introducing her to influential patrons. She had warmed considerably lately, but she was still maddeningly oblivious to his subtle, in his mind at least, hints that sexual favours were what he required from her. It looked like he was going to have to be blunt with her. The thought of getting his hands into that curly red hair while fucking her from behind was almost too much for him. There was something about her that excited him on a primal level.

Mox had built several private boxes for the match and rented most of them for an outrageous price. He had reserved one for his own use during the Deathmatch. He was sure that the power demonstrated by even having such an opulent enclosure, combined with the excitement of the match, would warm Karmal to him. If not, he had some mead and a little magic trinket that would help open the slut’s legs for him.

The thought of watching arrogant Sadira dying with Karmal’s succulent lips wrapped around his cock made Mox so hard he ached. He was so vile that he considered such thoughts normal, something that all men shared. He considered masturbating to relieve himself, but he had an assistant did he not? He called the poor woman into his office. It was a very good start to the day for Meady Mox. Very good indeed.


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