Sunday Night Teaser

A little snippet from what I have been writing, Bloodlust: The Seeds of Ruin (Domains #6). It is mostly expository, but does not spoil anything interesting, so don’t worry 😉

“Why don’t I forge enough for an army; a Legion of men armed with runecrafted armour and weapons?”

Hilena opened her mouth and closed it abruptly. Agga could see that she was thinking, analyzing. She really was quite clever when not living in the shadow of fear. She was wasted in the Dark Hearts.

The Legions used runecrafted armour and weapons reasoned Hilena. But they were limited to weaker runes. It was not because of the quality of the runes used, although Agga could furnish them with better, it was because an Ungifted man could not feed a greater rune enough power. The same was true of some Gifted even. Hilena had limited experience with pattern enhanced weapons, but she knew that those unused to wielding them would feel drained. A novice Gladiator could not power the weapon of a Chosen.

“So you want to create powerful runic weapons that anyone can use?”

“No, but close,” said Agga, smiling. His tone was like that of a man describing his favourite art project, passionate but genial. I want to create loyal Gifted to wield my creations.”

Hilena shook her head, his idea sounded mad. “Create a Gifted?”

“Yes, I know how it sounds,” said Agga. “Since long before the Reckoning, probably as long as we have known about the Gift, the powerful have been trying to figure out a way to control how it manifests. Breeding. Exposure. Magical experimentation. The creation of entire races. You would not believe the lengths that Chosen Moltar, for example, has gone through in simple eugenics. But they all failed, and I am not certain I could do any better, so I approached the problem from a different direction.”


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