Teaser Tuesday

This week we have a teaser from my new book Blade Breaker (the Shadow Wolf Sagas #1).

Shadow Wolf Cover

Questions flooded my mind. I wanted proof that he was telling the truth. Did he have someone who could prove that he was not the one who had killed her? Likely not if The Guild was looking into it. But first, I had to show the assassin where he stood.

There is a reason that they call my clan The Shadow Wolves.

A low growl, like that of a large wolf, rumbled from the shadows behind us. The sound was full of menacing intent. The assassin stiffened and then I made my move.

Poison has little effect on Twiceborn; I was not as helpless as he thought.

The assassin was fast. It is a vital trait in his chosen profession: even with the element of surprise on my side, he managed to cut my throat as I moved. Turning my head prevented the laceration from being truly bothersome, but only by a hair’s breadth.

My original plan had been to reach over my shoulder, grab him, and throw him to the ground. When my grasp closed on nothing, I rolled forward, grabbing my axe, coming up facing the room. A knife flew through the dark, grazing my ear. Snarling, I threw myself forward, holding up the axe to help ward off any further missiles. The assassin did not shy away from me, despite the disparity in our bulk. A swift kick to my knee, hard and painful, was followed by a stab to the shoulder as I staggered. Twisting deftly I hooked the blade with the crow’s beak backspike, aiming my fist at his head as I pulled him toward me. Rather than resist, the assassin cannily shifted his momentum, pushing in the direction that I was pulling him in and darting under my punch. He whirled, throwing another small blade at me. It took me in shoulder, close to my neck. I felt it prick me, but it was a small wound.

The idea behind the Shadow Wolves is that they are the clan that puts effectiveness over honour. They are stealthy, sneaky, and value cunning. Their Gods are Garms, the Fate-Thwarter, and Skygge, the lord of secrets and shadows. Ragnar stood out among them for being honourable, and thus earned a place in the Kingsguard.

The wolves in question themselves are something else entirely — a secret that is slowly revealed over time…


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