Sunday Night Teaser and naming vibes.

This week I have a little teaser from my next book: Blade Breaker, which is a re-write of the first Shadow Wold Serial and should be familiar to anyone who reads this blog regularly.

The Inn of the Willing Wench always seems to me to be the perfect temperature. Perhaps it is simply my love of the place that makes me think so, or perhaps it is a little of Brunor’s magic. After my visit to the Pink Pearl and violent encounters with both a gang of thugs and a pair of assassins while investigating the origins of a peculiar poison, I was looking forward to lubricating my mind with the best bitters in the city. Brunor’s Brews are rightfully famous even among the Nordan, traditional recipes passed down through the centuries. Tis one of the many reasons that the Wench is my favourite tavern in Myrrhn.

As luck would have it, Brunor himself was working that night, along with his daughter, Limra. As was tradition when the old dwarf was working, the place was in a festive mood. There was a small spiced drake, one of Brunor’s specialties, roasting alongside the usual boar and beef.

The thought of meat, rare and red, soon had me salivating. A good meal did me wonders when hurt. Although, truth be told, my pride was wounded as well; the idea that someone had gotten the drop on me did not sit well. It had been sloppy not to be extra cautious when doing predictable things like visiting a friend. Whether an actual physical need or a spiritual one brought on the response, I cannot say.

After devouring a delectable chunk beef seasoned with cracked peppers, I settled in to a pair of mutton shanks, another house specialty, finished with a succulent apple glaze. Normally, I prefer my meat plain, but I made an exception for the Wench’s wondrous fare.

I often worry that the name Inn of the Willing Wench might offend some people. We live in an age where everything is politicized and people seem to look for reasons to get offended.

In this case, the name comes from a Fantachronica game I ran in university. Changing it would feel like I am doing that creation an injustice, or even engaging in dishonest whitewashing.

In the end, rough nuggets of world building like this probably lend the setting more authenticity. It is better to write honestly, as if no one is judging.


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