Teaser Tuesday

Because it is still Tuesday somewhere amirite?

Today’s teaser comes from Bloodlust: Red Glory. I have just finished watching Jessica Jones on Netflix (loved it), which got me thinking about abusive relationships.


I like the idea that no matter how strong you are, there is always someone who has your number. This is one of the things that plays out nicely in Jessica Jones. In Red Glory, one of the main characters is Sapphire Kiss, a woman who will endure just about anything to get her shot at the grand championships. Unfortunately, she ends up in rough company, and despite her superhuman powers she ends up with a very human problem…

Silvius crossed the room, backhanding the Gladiatrix with enough force to knock her off her feet. Sapphire was shocked at his audacity but not his brutality. She rolled away, gathering breath to shout for help. Chosen Silvius was fast, however, and his magic was unbound. He closed before she could draw breath. The best she could do was roll with the blow as he kicked her under the chin. She spat blood and shattered teeth, but somehow got her arm in front of his next kick, which sent her sprawling into a corner nonetheless. Where were the Grey-Robes?

“Show some respect, you wretched whore,” said Chosen Silvius, looking down at her.

“You should kill me now you dog-fucking bastard,” spat Sapphire Kiss, glaring at Silvius. “If I win this tournament you and I will have a Reckoning of our own.”

Silvius’s laughter was cruel and mirthless.

“Good luck with that,” said Silvius. “I doubt you’ll have any fight left in you in a moment.”

And then he beat her. Kicking her, punching her, slamming her head against the ground. Sapphire Kiss surprised herself by actually catching a few of the Chosen’s attacks, despite her injuries. She felt her ribs crack and one of her arms fracture. She spat blood and lost vision in one eye. Then, when she was barely conscious, he stopped.

“You want to play at being a Champion?” said Silvius. “I can undo all of the damage that I have inflicted. All you have to do is beg my forgiveness, slut. Show me you know your place. Submit to your loving Patron.”

The other reason I was thinking of this passage today is that despite Sapphire Kiss overcoming her abusive patron, she is not even by a long-shot, which is a tale that would make an interesting addition to my next Domains novel.


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