Tuesday Teaser

This week we have a throwback to Bloodlust: Will to Power.

The Cover for Bloodlust: Will to Power

The Cover for Bloodlust: Will to Power

One of the part I enjoyed about the book is the rivalry between Karmal and Sadira, and how it boils over, turning friendship into hate. It was fun to write, especially when the insults became personal and vicious, and remains a highlight of the book for me.

“I lived in your shadow for years,” growled Karmal, runes on her war-cleaver flickering; Sadira could sense ripples of magic from the weapon, as well as the patterns of the some more exotic disciplines taught to Karmal which she measured as they talked. “I never really realized how much you were using me until you cost me that ranking match in Brightsands.”

“We won the match, remember?” said Sadira, a touch of icy impatience creeping into her voice. “You just failed the ranking part. I passed it. Does that not tell you something?”

“It tells me that you are a spoiled little slut who gets what she wants because everyone wants to fuck her,” snarled Karmal, hands tightening on her blade, muscles heaving with anger.

Both Karmal and Sadira are classic ‘alpha’ characters with very bold, direct personalities and extremely competitive natures. Originally I was not going to give either of them a major role in Will to Power, but fans demanded more of Sadira and Karmal made the perfect foil…

A snap of power from Sadira sent green tendrils surging from the sands, grasping greedily at Karmal’s legs. She was used to this tactic and avoided tripping as they held her. Sadira charged. Karmal ripped her foot free. She screamed, swinging her war-cleaver in a broad horizontal arc. Sadira sprang as she came close.

Catching Karmal’s blade with one of her own, Sadira flowed with the momentum of her opponent’s strike, rather than parry. In effect, she rode Karmal’s swing. The spectators cheered this difficult manoeuvre. The powerful motion flung Sadira into the air. She landed gracefully, rolling as she struck the sands, flowing into the Razorwing’s flight dance as she came to her feet. She whirled and slashed, attacking, while Karmal tried in vain to turn and face her. Her swords came away bloody. Sadira whirled way, laughing cruelly.

“Face it Karmal, you don’t have the finesse to beat me,” taunted Sadira. “Why don’t you…”

Her words were lost as the scent of blood filled Karmal. Changes in her body had made her acutely aware of such things. Her vampiric desire for blood. Her berserker rage. Her demonic hatred. All of her disciplines gave her great strength and destructive power but eroded her self-control. Power raged through her as the blood and pain whipped her into a frenzy. She wove a spell directing that power at Sadira, so swiftly that it took the Shadow-Elf by surprise.

Fire erupted from Karmal and the crowd gasped as it washed over Sadira, engulfing her entirely and turning her words into a frenzied scream.

Pick up the book to find out what happens next…


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