Teaser Tuesday

This week I have a teaser from my newest Domains of the Chosen Book: Bloodlust the Blades of Khazak Khrim.

Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim Cover

Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim Cover

“How close do I have to get us before you can do damage to one of those guns?” Goldfin asked.

“Fifty paces,” said Blue Hornet.

Goldfin surveyed the field, noting the position of patrols and sentries as well as available cover. The Vvath had cleared the area outside of their fortress, but there were trenches and ruts from supply waggons in which they could hide.

“Rub some mud on your arms,” said Goldfin. “It will help us blend in while we crawl.”

Blue Hornet followed her instructions.

“Do we have an escape plan?” he asked.

“Always,” said Goldfin. “We are going to flee south toward the area where the moat has spilled out over there. The Fologi will get us back into the city with ease. If we do this right, however, they won’t even come close to catching us. If we do it wrong thought, they might pummel us with cannon-fire.

“That could sting,” said Blue Hornet, glib despite his concern for Goldfin.

Goldfin held up her hand, motioning him to silence. She had seen an opening. The pair crept forward, stopping when a patrol came close. Blue Hornet felt his hair stand on end as a score of Vespath passed within a body length of the rut where he lay hidden.

“Too close,” Blue Hornet whispered to Goldfin as the patrol vanished in the distance.

“I’ve had closer,” said Goldfin, smiling. Despite the danger, she was enjoying herself. Having her own personal Chosen with her was exhilarating, although she did not want that sense of power to erode her caution.

They crept the rest of the way on their bellies, using the terrain to mask their movements. Blue Hornet was a quick study, which pleased Goldfin immensely. He adapted quickly to following her through the ruts and debris, the stumps of Kirrute, and even the mud, never once complaining.

This scene is taken from a chapter describing the kind of conflict that is undertaken before a major battle, as the scouts of both forces poke and prod and try to gain advantage over the enemy under cover of darkness.

I wanted to show just how important this function is, especially in an age before drones, satellites, and aircraft. The scouts are the eyes and ears of the army. The most effective manoeuvres in the following fight, from both sides. are those that involved the unexpected.

Of course a high price is paid for this information, since in this age if you can see the enemy scouts they can see you as well.

Of course, as a former master of scouts for the Ninth Legion, Goldfin/Auria really shines here.


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