The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Red Fangs 2.21

I missed this Thursday’s post. It is a hectic week here with a baby on the way. This week’s Shadow Wolf will also (likely) be moved to Sunday as well.

The Shadow Wolf Sagas are my weekly serial. The first story arc of the series is called Blade Breaker . You can find the first post of this story arc, Red Fangs, here and the most recent post of this arc here.


Bull, still weak-kneed from the healing potion, gasped when he saw what was in the hold.

To be honest, I was expecting blood, bodies hanging from hooks, draining blood into tubs, or something like that. Instead I was greeted by a hold full of oddly shaped bottles filled with a clear emerald liquid. I could not fathom why Bull was staring at them with wide eyes.

“Bull, would you mind explaining what this is?” I asked the Burly scavenger.

“Kaemoulian Absinthe”


“Yes… a fucking fortune’s worth.”

“I expected something more sinister.”

“You don’t understand, Ragnar,” said Bull, dropping down lightly into the hold and grabbing a bottle, which he held up for me to examine. “This stuff is contraband. You can see that none of these bottles has a label or a customs stamp. For this particular product that is very telling. One of the families controls the entire supply out of Kaemoulia. Our bloodsuckers here are smuggling and selling goods that have been taken by pirates. This hold represents as significant investment. We would be rich men if we could do anything with it.”

“What’s stopping us?” I asked, more out of curiosity than greed.

“I’d rather not end up hanging by my guts from cliffs of The Abattoir. There is only one source for this stuff, and they do not take kindly to others selling it. This would definitely get their attention and alert customs as well.”

“So why don’t we call the rightful owner, I’m sure they would be willing to reward you for the return of lost goods.”

“Or they might just decide to torture me to find out what I know. Or maybe tear down The Jetties in order to see what else they can find. I don’t really trust the old town families. We have plenty of reason not to out here.”

I shrugged, “So what do we do with it?”

“We can move a handful of bottles through the local markets. That will escape any serious attention and make enough coin to keep me in Jetties ale for the rest of my days. The rest, we will share with a few friends while we set fire to this vessel and purge the evidence.”

“Right,” I said.

“Cheer up Ragnar,” said Bull. “It burns beautifully — almost like a firework. And besides however powerful your friend Cinder might be the loss of this cargo will hurt him.”


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