The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Red Fangs 2.19

Tis thursday, and time for some Shadow Wolf!

This is my weekly serial. The first story arc can be found here. The first post of the Red Fangs arc can be found here. And the first post of this arc can be found here.


I turned and saw Bull dangling from the outstretched arm of the Ogre vampire. Though Bull was impressively strong, his struggles were already growing weak. The being that held him was lean, but supernaturally powerful, and half again as tall as either of us. Even in the shadows of the hold I could see the light on the bloodsucker’s fangs as he grinned triumphantly.

“Put him down,” I said.

“Sod your mother, Nordan fuck,” growled the Ogre. “Drop your weapons or your friend dies.”

“If I drop my weapons, you will kill us both,” I said, watching as Bull weakly, but deliberately reached for something at his side. “I have a counter-proposal: let him down and answer my questions about Cinder, and I will let you live. I give you my word.”

“You must think me a fool, Northman,” said the Ogre, shaking Bull. The big man made a strangled sound, but his hand kept moving even as his eyes bulged.

“No,” I said. “My word is worth something. I am not some bottom feeding, infected thug like–“

As the Ogre vampire’s eyes widened at my gall, but then Bull finally found what he was reaching for. There was a click and a metal sliver the size of a man’s finger flashed through the air, catching the Ogre underneath the chin. The massive vampire jerked, dropping Bull, who fell the the planks below.

The wolf was in me then. I sprang, swinging my axe at the Ogre’s face, aiming for his fangs, hoping to take advantage of his momentary distraction. I felt something tug at my leg, holding it fast, and my swing was stopped short, barely nicking my target.

I hopped to keep my balance. Realizing that one of the other, thought to be dead, vampires had grabbed my leg, I swung my axe down. With a splash of blood, I severed the arm that was holding me. I felt the heavy treads of the Ogre vampire as he charged, and I rolled to the side as soon as I was free.

The Ogre vampire moved swiftly, swinging an old gaff hook at my head as I regained my feet. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I spotted rust on the old metal. I brought my gauntlet up to meet the blow. I felt the sheer power of the impact reverberate, but the rusty old metal bent and warped rather than break my immaculately crafted and care-for armour.

Before the Ogre vampire even realized that he had failed, the sharp head of my pick lanced into the side of his knee. He growled and aimed a punch at me, only to collapse as his injured knee gave out. He caught himself on one knee, baring his fangs as I buried my axe in his forehead, cleaving the top part of his skull in half. He twitched, frantically, and then die fell heavily upon the planks.

I made certain that he was dead, then turned to Bull.


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