The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Red Fangs 2.17

Tis Thursday night and time for some Shadow Wolf

This is my weekly serial, raw and unedited. Here is the first story arc [link], here is the first post of this arc [link], and here is last week’s post [link]

“We’re going to make our own entrance, my friend,” I said.

Bull’s eyes seemed to brighten. “I have something that will help with that. Listen to me…”


Vampires do not explode into flame in the light of the sun, but it blinds them and makes them weak, which, if someone is swinging an axe at your head is nearly as lethal. Given Bulls description of the activities in the area, and other signs I could see, I was sure that at least one or two of them awaited us inside the old galleon. likely in the middle decks. A little light would go a long way to evening the odds if there were more.

Bull moved with practiced ease across the broken landscape. I followed more slowly, making sure of each step. I did not want to slip and give us away while we moved across the wrecks. This area of the Jetties seemed so devoid of life than any sound would be noticed. Bull reached an area near the forecastle and began to unpack some scavengers tools. I joined him.

In the distance I could sails as boats moved to and fro from Myrrhn’s busier harbors, ignorant of the drama unfolding here. Bull placed an object that I had mistaken for a mere shield on the deck. Most scavengers tools double as weapons. It had teeth around the edges, like the blade of a great round saw bent inward. He attached a handle to it and then pulled a short handled sledge from his kit.

He looked to me and raised a brow. I drew my weapons and nodded.

Bull slammed his hammer down in the middle of the disc where the boss of the shield would be. The teeth bit into the wood. He pounded twice more until the disc was flat, then leaned into the handle that he had attached. With a sound like a tree snapping in the cold, the wood gave way. Within a few heartbeats there was a hole in the deck. I looked in long enough to see solid wood below me then dropped, ready for battle.

No sooner had my feet touched the ground then something slammed into me. I fell back, grabbing my assailant’s hair and kicking out with a sending them flying. They crashed into something. When my eyes adjusted I saw a lanky human with mad eyes and fangs pulling himself out of the remnants of a crate. He hissed at me, and I heard more hissing about the room. There were four of them, stalking me from all angles.

Up above the deck shook with the sound of Bull making another hole. That noise disrupted my hearing, but I knew that one of them was coming up from behind when the one I was watching shifted and sprang. I sidestepped, whirled and lashed out at my axe, catching a massive form as it passed by. Before I could follow up, another leapt on me from behind.


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  1. […] For anyone else, this is my weekly serial. The first story arc can be found here. The first post of the current arc is here, and the last post, two weeks ago, is here. […]

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