A teaser for Tuesday

Here we are with my second to last Teaser before the release of Bloodlust: Red Glory.

In this passage, the Chosen Blue Hornet, a former Gladiator, is fighting against the elite infantry of the Vvath, The Blood. As a Chosen, Blue Hornet is supernaturally strong and swift, and able to use magic spells. While no match for him individually, the Vvath are able to stall him through teamwork. It is my feeling that elite units are never pushovers, and so Blue Hornet has to adapt his fighting style, taking shelter behind Tamli and pelting them with spells. While this is effective, one could question who comes out better from the exchange since The Blood don’t exactly collapse.

In the end, Blue Hornet found his spells were his best asset. The Blood were stubborn fighters, encased in thick armour that could turn his fist spikes. Individually they were no match for his strength, but with shields locked and in formation he could not outmuscle them. Electricity, on the other hand, cut through them and so the Chosen stood behind Tamli the Bladebreaker, his Hearthbound, and let the lightning flow. After what felt like hours he could not be sure how much progress they had made.

Bolt after bolt slammed into the ranks of The Blood, arcing brilliant white in the half dark of the Underspire. Bodies cooked in armour, falling over, smoke pouring from eye-slits. Behind him the Kirifan Phalanx surged against every gap, cruel pikes pushing and prodding, moving ever forward.

“I am your death!” snarled Blue Hornet, sending another cascade of electricity into the Vvath. The Blood shifted back, but reformed their line almost immediately. Up ahead he finally saw the digging chamber. All around the space the Vvath and the Allies fought, each pace being purchased with scores of bodies.

“PUSH,” he shouted, sending another bright arc crashing into the ranks of his enemies.


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