A Taste of The Daeri

This is a little taste from Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim. Like all of the Chosen, Sadira is allowed to field her own force, around half the size of a Legion. I often wish I had the art resources available to get pictures of some of these groups.

“SPEAR-GUARD!” bellowed Sassin.

“SPEAR-GUARD!” echoed Sadira, hearing Sapphire Kiss and others repeat the order further down the line.

Sadira had positioned herself at the front of the Daeri Homeguard. She longed to kill the Vvath, seeking redress for the loss of Azure Dream. As the Hundath marched out of the mists and began to assemble she drew Karmal and her blood boiled with fury. She would quench her rage in blood this day. Gavin might not approve, but his only thought for her now was care and caution.

The war-shouts of the charging Vvath were temporarily drowned out by the clatter of arms as the Daeri infantry snapped into position behind the first trench. The auxiliaries of her home city fought with oval tower shields and a light battle glaive that was as much sword as spear. They wore thick hauberks covered in leaf shaped metal scales, beautifully crafted from mithril steel alloy.

The Daeri were a military tradition kept alive in Krass during The Reckoning, when a large group of them had escaped their failing city. They had served on the walls alongside the fledgling Legions, leading the re-conquest of their home city as soon as they were able.

While most of the Daeri Homeguard served as auxiliaries, elite specialists that supplemented the strength of the Legion, a large group acted as defenders of their home city, which did not fall under the Domain of any Chosen. Sadira’s mother, who had great influence among the Daeri had procured almost a Legion of these warriors to act as her daughter’s personal guard. All Chosen were allowed to field a small number of soldiers, and these were hers, commanded by her uncle.

“BRACE!” bellowed Sassin.

The third wave of Hundath had weathered the cannon-fire, some of them carrying plank bridges that would provide a way across the spike filled trenches. Despite their irregular armaments and berserk fury, the slave soldiers of the Vvath moved with superb coordination, directed by the deadly Sword-bearers.

“BRACE!” echoed Sadira, stepping forward as a plank bridge neared the trench in front of her.


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