The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Red Fangs 2.16

Tis thursday night and time for some Shadow Wolf!

This is my weekly serial. You can read the first arc here (link), read the first post of this arc here (link) or read last week’s post here (link)

“I want you to bring me with you when you kill them,” said Bull.

I raised a brow, but having an experienced Jettiesman as a guide would be useful. I traded stories with Bull for another hour or two, mostly to be sure of his character, then made arrangements to meet with him in the morning before I sought sleep. Even the Jetties have places where a traveler can exchange coin for a safe place to sleep. Such is Myrrhn.

Bull was waiting for me when I arrived. He was dressed in a thick leather jerkin and carried a battered old cutlass that had been meticulously cared for, along with a thick belt that held various tools that were of use to those who dealt in scrap and salvage. The bruises that I had left on his face had faded. I nodded to him as I approached and fell in, following him through the Jetties.

Bull moved confidently over paths worn through broken hulls that were older than most elves, I made note of his steps, following in kind, although he was quick to point out wood that was weakened by termites, or simply worn away by age. Much of the land was refuse, packed down over the centuries, and not all of it was good footing.

We passed through the skull of a Leviathan, dragged out to the Jetties after being picked clean after a vicious sea battle. I did not even realized what we were standing in until I saw the teeth. We made our way over the remains of an ancient stoneship, an expansive hull made of enchanted rock that now served as a marketplace for some of the more affluent citizens of the slum. The place was crowded with people selling treasures salvaged from the wrecks. I saw more than a few people perusing these wares who would have been conspicuously out of place in the Jetties even if it weren’t for their bodyguards.

“Good money in salvage some days,” said Bull, following my gaze.  “Someone down there might even be able to buy their way out of here today.”

“Maybe we’ll find something worth taking wherever Cinder is lurking,” I said.

“Hmmm,” said Bull, “Maybe. Truth be told, it is the wrecks nearby that interest me, Nordan. Four boats that haven’t been picked over at all. Those who go near ’em get the shit kicked out of ’em or don”t come back at all”

He pointed out the wrecks in question as we reached our destination. They were all nondescript cargo vessels of a certain size, nestled into a corner of the Jetties that seemed abandoned. None of the boats showed signs of irreparable damage and all were fairly new. It was certainly suspicious, the sort of thing that would bring customs running in other parts of the city.

“Bloodsuckers have been here since afore those new ships came,” said Bull. “If you look between them you can see an old Galleon that’s resting on the bottom. I’ve seen em come out myself, and heard from others that they’ve dragged a few people down there. How are you going to approach this Ragnar?”

I surveyed the scene for a moment. Then turned to bull.

“We are going to make our own entrance, my friend.”


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