Teaser Tuesday

Here is a little teaser from my upcoming Domains of the Chosen novel, Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim.

Sax watched the two renegade Grey-Robes from a hidden vantage-point. Heziod did not betray any signs of stress. The man was a born liar, it seemed; cowards often were. In fact, the skill with which his turncoat spun falsehoods, triggered a mental inventory in Sax of what the man had revealed to him. Traitors and liars should not be trusted. Satisfied that he was acting on the best possible information, the Blackcloak turned his attention back to the conversation.

Skaerus and Heziod were seated across from each other at a simple table in a well-appointed Frostbay pub. It was a mix of pine and imported wood, luxurious seats upholstered with fur and leather, and deep, private booths like the one Sax was currently lurking in. There was nothing notable about the place, in truth, although Skaerus was clearly at ease here, given his demeanour and the deference shown to him by the staff. According to Heziod this place was a favourite of Skaerus, being near Grey-Robe’s abode of many years.

“I don’t know why you are worried about this, Heziod,” Skaerus was saying. “Darabnius is dead.”

“I only have your reassurances to go on,” said Heziod. “So of course I want more. You have always sat higher in this than I have.”

“Well perhaps if you weren’t such a weak-knee’d cur, running off with your tail between your legs at the first sign of trouble, your fortunes would rise,” growled Skaerus. “Since you won’t grow a spine you will have to take my word for it. The Dead Blackcloak and Darabnius have been blamed on the Eagle’s Lodge crew. Just state what you saw in the interview, nothing more, nothing less. In the end you are too inconsequential for anyone of importance to actually pay attention to, one of the benefits of being such a worm I suppose.”

“Fuck you, Skaerus,” muttered Heziod.

Skaerus said nothing, staring at Heziod with  contempt written on his features. Heziod met his gaze for a moment, then looked at the ground. Skaerus chuckled.

“Now, you might be an old fool and a coward,” expounded Kaerus. “But you do have your uses. I would like you to make sure that the duty logs line up with our reports. We need to note that the explosion happened as we arrived, not after. It turns out that the Blackcloak in question is an elementalist–”

“How do you know that?” asked Heziod, seeming incredulous.

“Idiot, do you think Frostbay is the only place where we have eyes?” mocked Skaerus. “Blackcloaks can be made to see the truth as well as Grey-Robes.”

Sax shows up a point of view character more often in this work, at the request of a few readers.


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