Sunday Night Teaser

“It does not matter,” said Sadira. “This appears to be an attack of opportunity. If the beast knew that I was here beforehand it would have sent a larger force. I’m glad to see that our inoculations are working.”

“What would have happened if they didn’t?” asked Sapphire Kiss. She had received the inoculation at Fort Nerus, but knew little about the Shugothoth.

Here is a little teaser for my upcoming book, Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim, for a slow Sunday evening.

“It can control anything that it infects,” said Sadira. “Just like it controlled these creature shere. On the second day of the battle for Fort Nerus, some of our Legionnaires and the Vvath were turned and nearly killed me. We don’t know exactly how it does this, but we do know that it works like a viral disease.”

“I’m glad the inoculations work then,” said Sapphire Kiss. “Why does it have such an odd sounding name?”

“It is a Vvath name,” said Telshik, kneeling, examining one of the bodies. “It means abomination. The Shugothoth is a thing of their magic. They try to conceal this though, and say that it is a creature of the adversary.”

“What is the adversary?” asked Sadira.

“A great evil spirit that opposes their Forge Father,” said Telshik, looking up. “Whatever people they are destroying are labelled the servants of the adversary.”

“The Shugothoth has become part of their religion?” asked Razorthorn.

Telshik shrugged. “There are no unbelievers among the Vvath. Those that fall under their power must accept the Forge Father of Khazak Khrim and follow him truly. I have heard tales of the tortures that the masked ones use on my people to make them follow their god. They actually believe that they are helping us by forcing us to accept their Forge Father. It is better to die than to fall into their hands.”

One of the themes of this book is faith, religious faith, patriotism, faith in ideals, faith in love, and so on. The Vvath impose their views on others, offering them death if they do not convert. The Shugothoth and the Sword-Bearers force their views more directly, dominating and erasing those who offer other viewpoints. And yet, every side in this book has its own views and most of them try to impose them on the world in their own way. It is difficult to write about the clash of ideologies without offending people, but a very worthy topic.


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