Teaser Tuesday

An old favourite makes his return for a bit of cloak and dagger. This addition came to me after a fan requested more about the Blackcloaks.

Sax trailed his prey. The trees were close to the road and the hills were dark with twilight. There was no one else in sight. The rough wooded hills near Dun Loryn had few travellers on them at this time of year, and so he had to follow out of sight. The man was cautious and Sax sensed that was now suspicious.

Of course, that was part of the game that they both played. Suspicion caused people to make mistakes and Sax had brought about the downfall of more than one careful heretic simply by letting himself be seen once too often. This stretch was the perfect place to set up an ambush.

Sax’s quarry had switched clothes, waggons, and even faces several times. Sax could almost admire him. Only the most experienced agents of the Deliberative would not have been thrown off the trail by now. Even a Chosen would have been fooled, unless it was Mordhawk or his old student Gavin.

Chosen Gavin. It was a disappointment in some ways. The boy would have made an excellent Blackcloak.

A sound from the woods alerted him to danger. A subtle change in the air as a dozen arrows shot from the trees on both sides of the road. Bandits hired to kill him; perhaps it was time to play dead.


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