Teaser Tuesday

Well the first draft of Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim, fifth book in the Domains of the Chosen Series, is finished, and so tis time for teasers once more!

As always, if you are interested in being a beta reader, let me know.

Gavin stood on a balcony of living coral, high up on a purple spire, looking out over the ocean. The light of the setting sun cast his Lion-headed shield, freshly polished, in glorious silver and reflected red. He was considering how strange and wondrous it was to watch the sun sink into the blue horizon to the west, when for most of his life it had risen over an eastern ocean and then set over land. Living on the west coast where the greatest glory of the sun came as it fell into darkness, what kind of effect would that last light had on Kirifan culture? Could Jika’Ri be the natural result of a philosophy distilled by so many sunsets?

The thought reminded Gavin of how little he really understood about Kirifan culture. Just today he had glimpsed a Gifted Fologi, a great black beast with the unmistakable pattern of a magic wielder. The size of a small sail craft, the beast had passed by them, a golden skinned Kirifan woman riding on its back while its smaller brethren formed an honour guard in its wake. The appearance of such a creature had shocked him, provoking gentle mockery from Sadira. No doubt Kirif and Ithal’Duin held many such surprises for them.

This scene, from early on when the cast returns to Kirif, still needs a bit of work. Much of it is meant to remind the reader that they have moved from Krass, which was the locus of the action in Bloodlust: Red Glory, back to Kirif, the Spires, and the “lost” land of Ithal’Duin.

Points to anyone who can identify the Golden skinned woman riding the Gifted Fologi 😀


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