Tuesday Teaser

As you can see on the sidebar, my latest creation, Bloodlust: Red Glory has been released.


Here is a teaser from the book to wet your appetite.

Both Gladiators were lathered in sweat and bleeding now. The crowd was excited, hearts pounding from the relentless action. If other matches that the audience had seen were like stately waltzes then this was a loud and energetic folk dance, all drums, shouts, and rapid rhythms.

Frustrated, Rabid Edge pushed forward again, lifting his cleaver to attack. Hummingblade, reading his stance, realized that he was trying to feint, to lure her into reacting. Quicklings are vulnerable to such manoeuvres, often defeated by their own lightning reflexes. Hummingblade, however, was observant and cool-headed. She saw his trick and responded with a fake movement of her own.

Rabid Edge’s hookblade flashed out. Hummingblade stopped short and whirled, bringing her little greatsword down. The little Gladiatrix timed her slash perfectly, and the blade dug into the flesh just beyond his vambrace. There was a splash of blood.

As you can see I had fun with the arena names again 🙂


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