The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Blade Breaker 1.53

It has been a banner week for me. My brother and his wife announced that they are having twins! I released Bloodlust: Red Glory, and last but not least I believe this story is over a year old.

Let’s check that date, first post link.

Watch to re-read last week’s post? I have your back, friend.

Want more? how about a guide?

In her will, Madame Glorianna left me a letter. At the time I was not surprised, since many of those present received similar envelopes. The paper was expensive with an enchanted wax seal, the cursive was beautiful and neat, and I could still smell the perfume upon it. It is in fashion in Myrrhn for the elite to scent their letters; even Renoit did it a few times. I could not help but let out a small sigh as I remembered the woman who had given me my first job after my exile. I devoured her words.

To Ragnar Grimfang, faithful friend.

As I write this to you, I glance often at the bloodstain where Crimson Wind fell. It has only been a few hours since they removed her body. I have no doubt that I will soon follow. I have made a terrible mistake.

I involved you in this mess out of fear and guilt. I am sorry if you or any of your friends get hurt, but if you are reading this then I am sure you know the gravity of the situation by now. The Devout seek a way to contact their lost brethren. They forced me to help them. I sought your help because I can think of no man more reliable than you, Old Wolf.

That sick bastard Sildus killed Sapphire. I’m sure I saw glee in his face when Crimson Wind died, too. He used you to throw Lily Gemarkand off his trail. I’m sure he thinks he got away with it too, blaming Lord Torvul, who has either fallen or fled if you are alive to read this.

Torvul and Sildus are involved in this because of me. Sapphire and her sister, Lily Gemarkand, tried to have me killed. Sapphire was popular enough to replace me, especially with her sister’s backing. Having the Doxies Guild under her thumb would be of great benefit to the Gemarkand family. Initially I did not know it was them. When was all but certain, I sent Sildus to find out for sure.

I know who killed Sapphire because I hired him. Of course, I did not realized then that Sildus was an agent for the Devout as well as a member of The Guild. I also did not realize how savage he would be. Sildus introduced me to Lord Torvul, who I thought was a mercenary, and I sent them to attack Lily Gemarkand as a warning. In return Torvul wanted information and access. By the time I realized that he presented a threat to the city, he already had me. I hope you killed him slowly Ragnar. I was a fool.

I do not deserve your pity Ragnar, nor do I deserve your friendship. I sold the last of my honour on these streets long before I met you.

But much as you must hate me, hate Sildus more. He is the mastermind behind this. You must end him. Bring this letter to The Guild or kill him yourself. 

Farewell, my faithful northman, Glorianna.

P.S. I have attached a bank note to the letter. You now own the plaza that you and the twins live in. It is the best I can do as an apology.

P.S.S. You should let the twins manage the money and encourage them to take my place. I’m so sorry Ragnar.

I read the letter again and then placed it in my pocket. It was a lot to digest. In the end I decided to forgive Madame Glorianna; she died well, after all. That left Sildus.


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