The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Blade Breaker 1.50

Tis time to join join Ragnar and crew for my weekly serial, the Shadow Wolf Sagas

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As Madame Glorianna wilted to the ground, I felt the grey mantle of failure settle over me as it had at Spearmarch. It was as if I was seeing the Old King fall once more. Torvul’s spells buffeted me, pushing me back again and again, but anger lent me strength: I would not give up while I could still stand.

As I pushed forward, struggling like a man trying to move against a hurricane gale, a knife whirled from the shadows. Torvul cursed and knocked the flashing steel from the air, stunningly quick. I took advantage of his distraction, gaining a few steps before he slammed me with another wall of force. Growling, I pushed forward.

Sildus, a ghost in the dark, threw two more knives. Torvul, whose mastery of the blade appeared to rival Renoit’s, caught both. Each time, however, I gained ground.

Torvul’s forehead was glistening with sweat now. The effort of keeping me at bay with his magic while watching for Sildus was taking its toll. I gave a shout and surged forward, raising my axe. I came within two strides before he gestured and a gout of flame washed over me. The world turned orange and my skin snag with pain, but my heart did not waver. I was no stranger to the kiss of fire, having fought burning elementals in the ash plains of Kaemoul. Torvul, angry at my stubborn refusal to die, kept up the spell. I felt me skin begin to blister and my clothes began to burn. Sildus, sensing distraction, emerged from the shadows.

I could barely see the assassin through the jets of flame. I saw him leap toward Torvul. The Devout Warlord turned, catching Sildus’s strike and pushing him back. Before he could turn back to me however I was on him.

I caught Torvul’s blade with my pick and brought my axe arcing down toward his head. His hand caught my wrist, impressively strong for such a thin man. I leaned into it, slowly bring my size to bear. Torvul’s teeth showed. He opened his mouth. I slammed my forehead into his face. He stumbled. Taking advantage of his momentary lapse, I brought the pommel of my axe down on his skull. Torvul fell to his knees, taking a swipe at my leg as he fought to get up. I kicked him in the chest, sending him reeling back before the blow could connect. Then I pounced, leaping onto him, aiming to split his skull with my axe.

Torvul shouted through broken teeth, a wave of force crashed into me as I came down on him. My fall abruptly reversed course. I hit the ceiling of the chamber with a crunch and then started to fall again. Torvul, nimble as a cat, was getting to his feet. Sildus leapt at him from the shadows. Torvul turned to face him, stepping out of my way.

Perhaps Torvul though he had finished me. He was certainly caught off guard as I grabbed his sword arm on my way down. It was all the opening Sildus needed. He rammed a dagger, poisoned I would guess, hilt deep into the Devout Warlord’s throat. We both fell to the ground. Torvul’s eyes met mine for a moment as he gurgled in the ruins beside me. He looked up at Sildus, his mouth trying to form a word. I smirked at him and spat. then it was done.


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