The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Blade Breaker 1.49

Once again it is time for some Shadow Wolf. Let’s get right to the heart of the matter.

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“One more step fool, and she dies!”

As the words left his lips the arbalest, an enormous weapon that had more in common with a ballista than a crossbow, twanged. A bolt leapt at Lord Torvul.  Madame Glorianna’s blackened eyes were full of hopeless fear as they met mine across room. My heart wrenched.

A wave of force exploded from Torvul. The missile crashed against this invisible barrier, crumpling. The Devout warlord turned toward where the missile sprang from, raising his hand and calling forth another wave of force. This one crashed into the tunnel entrance, slamming a door shut. His eyes never left my face, his sword resting against Gloriana’s throat. A drop of blood welled beneath the blade, running down her throat.

“Now, back out of the room,” said Torvul, a grin spreading over his cadaverous face. “This is over.”

I knew that I could not let him complete his task. Even a small band of Devout roving through the city had caused extraordinary damage, more was not an option. And yet I could not bring myself to move forward and kill the only woman who had seen value in an old, broken exile.

Behind me the melee still raged. I could hear grunts and curses, grinding metal and the groans of the wounded. Murith and Git were out of commission. Sildus was nowhere to be found. I was out of options. I wondered how to stall.

I held out my weapons in a supplicating gesture. Torvul’s smile widened.

“Drop them,” he said.

“No,” said Madame Glorianna.

My eyes were drawn to hers. Her gaze was crystal clear despite the damage, despite the dark. She looked at me with the terrible unflinching dignity and a chill ran down my spine as I realized her intent. She jerked in Torvul’s arms. A curtain of crimson ran from the sword. The light left her eyes as the Devout lord began to register what happened. As he looked up, smile wiped from his face, I was already moving toward him. I saw a flicker in the shadows.

I howled, full of rage and grief. Torvul snarled and a wave of force slammed into me. I staggered as if i’d been kicked by a warhorse, but anger lent me strength and I kept my feet. I growled and pushed forward. The second wave of forced bloodied my face. I lunged toward Torvul, eyes locked on his, willing myself forward. He gritted his teeth.

The third wave of force sent me sprawling back as Sildus struck the Devout Lord from behind. A dagger plunged into Torvul’s back, sliding between the plates. His eyes went wide, but he whirled, surprisingly swift and caught Sildus’s next blow with an expert parry, surprising the assassin. Sildus ducked a swipe and dove back into the shadows as Torvul chased him with a jet of flame.

I rolled to my feet and pounced, stoking fury’s furnace with the image of Madame Glorianna’s last moment.


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