Teaser Tuesday: Cheers from Red Glory

This week for one of my last teasers for Bloodlust: Red Glory, I have put up a few of the cheers from the book.

Tolkien and Rothfuss have lovely poetry and music, while the Domains have sports cheers. As rock and roll is to Mozart, sports cheers are brazen and sentimental rather than artful. Still, one would not expect the crowds in an arena to shout anything else.

Here is the standard rallying cry of the Reds, familiar from my short story Bloodlust: The Great Games

“We’ll never wail! We’ll never sigh!
So raise the Red, our banner high!
We’ll never fail! We’ll never die!
Because we’re Red, fear our war-cry!”

Here is a personal chant for Fiona, one of the Gladiatrices who graces the book.

She’s gonna
Kill em dead
That’s our Red
Good on her

A red faction call-out:

“Red, red, red!
Blue purebred,
Now he’s dead,
Gone and bled,
Got no head,
‘cause we’re Red!”

Of course, even the dignified Blues have cheers:

Gloria, Gloria,
She’s the best, stomp the rest!
Bella, Bella, Bella,
She’s so hot, wins a lot!
Maxima, Maxima,
Shout her name, fear her flame!

I often feel cheesy when I write these and read them back, but cheers are meant to be like that for the most part, combining elements that are popular at the moment into a cohesive mocking, catchy whole.


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