Teaser Tuesday

Once again it is Tuesday and time for a teaser from my upcoming book, Bloodlust: Red Glory.

This is from the map section… (I left extra space so it does not look busy when I size it down, and to add stuff in other books)

The City of Krass

The City of Krass

  1. The Campus Martius: Gladiators begin their careers in this section of the capital. Think of it as a college campus, but with restricted access. The northern part of the Campus Martius has a series of free public arenas called The Pits.
  2. The Campus Gladius: Young Gifted who choose to become Gladiators learn to fight and wield magic here. Their training is both thorough and brutal. Access is even more restricted than the Campus Martius. Notably even the Chosen, nor the parents of the Gladiators, cannot visit here.
  3. The Grand Market: A huge bazaar where traders from all over the Empire ply their wares. The outer edges of the Bazaar are home to all of the important trading houses that originate outside of Krass.
  4. West Shallows: A residential area made up primarily of tallhouses, large buildings that were made to accommodate the expanding population of the city during the days when Krass was isolated by the storms of the Reckoning.
  5. The Public Beaches: The Coast south of the city has been converted into a beautiful public beach, courtesy of Chosen Giselle who used the gesture to gain support for the expansion of her Domain in the High Assembly.
  6. Headquarters of the Fleet: Military docks, fleet academy, and an enormous lighthouse.
  7. Dockside: An enormous series of commercial docks, warehouses, and port services.
  8. East Shallows: Another area of tallhouses, built on section of land that used to be a swamp.
  9. Portside: A relatively affluent area of residences and businesses, including various factories.
  10. High Park: The ancient mansions of the truly wealthy and powerful, situated in a wonderful, lush park.
  11. The Triumphal Way: The beginnings of the great eastern road that crosses the empire. The Triumphal way is decorated with enormous arches depicting the great victories of the domains.
  12. The Capital Hill: Includes the Grand Parade Square, The Grand Arena, The Hall of the Chosen, The Oathstone, and The High Assembly. The high vantage point and the size of the buildings give this area an impressive skyline.

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