Teaser Tuesday

I sat down to watch some Rome and forgot to post this:

The Platinum Laurel Lounge of the Grand Arena was so long that it would take Corvian almost three-quarters of an hour to walk the full circle at a brisk pace. It comprised an entire level of the enormous structure, connecting all of the private boxes to a single posh lobby. The entire floor was tessellated with scenes from the early days of Krass, the struggles of the Reckoning, and famous matches from the first century of the Grand Arena.

An army of pages, valets, bartenders, and restaurant staff manned the numerous eateries in the Lounge.

While it was simple and frequently desirable to climb to one’s private box unseen, the Lounge was a hub for the powerful in the Capital. Even when the rest of the arena was empty the bars and eateries of the Platinum Laurel Lounge were full of men and women. Deals were made here, fortunes secured, and alliances sealed.

It was also one of the few places where the Chosen mixed freely with the elite citizens of the Domains, regardless of Faction.

Corvian wished he could bring Darius here. Darius would be thrilled at the view of the fighting grounds. It was the dream of every young pup growing up in East Shaloows to walk these halls, to be part of the Platinum Laurel Club. Corvian was equally sure that his humble, hard-working friend would frown on some of the goings on here. Most people would not want to see the inner workings of power, more mundane and yet more disturbing than they would guess. Corvian was able to accept these systems as they were, it was one his greater talents he supposed. He hated to admit it, but that was why he was a member of the Club and Darius was not.

Corvian and Darius are both characters that hail from Bloodlust: The Great Games, a short story I wrote. I exported them into the main storyline because they fit nicely into certain roles. Darius is the everyman fan of the Great Games, a stand in for the reader in some ways, while Corvian is a more cynical, opportunistic fellow who demonstrates some of the types of opportunity that the great games bring.


2 comments on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. Is it mainly Roman-inspired, or another culture? Love the concept. πŸ™‚

    • grimkrieg says:

      Parts are Roman inspired, parts are inspired by our own dysfunctional politics. The faction names are Byzantine. The ancestor worship is Roman.

      The Chosen often act like senators of the republic, especially in balance and expansion, but with important differences: they do not transfer power down the family line like many of the great Roman families did.

      The Legions of Krass are based around Roman Legions, but with the addition of an extra thousand years of military evolution, non-human races, magic, and an emphasis on teaching the Legionnaires how to work together to bring down enemies that no man could ever hope to match alone.

      The names are a mix of Latin, French, Germanic, and English to represent a core state that gelled from a group of refugees crammed into the last city to survive a magical cataclysm.

      EDIT: The Gladiatorial Games obviously owe a lot to Roman culture, but I mix in a lot of modern sports culture as well.

      But yeah, I love Rome. I’m actually watching the HBO series Rome for the first time. I wish they had found the money to film it the way they wanted πŸ˜€

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