Tuesday Teaser

Its Tuesday somewhere still…

To calm her nerves before the match Sapphire Kiss picked up her Flying scythe and began some warm up movements. Starting with a series of simple cuts, slow at first but gaining speed, she tossed the scythe, watching it flash silver as it passed through a beam of sun slicing down from a high window, and jerked it back. Then she flowed into a more aggressive stance, whirling the weapon around her faster and faster, weaving patterns in the air. She lost herself, leading the Flying scythe in an intricate dance, leaping over the whirling blade and swinging it wide. It helped her forget her troubles.

“You look succulent when you dance, my pet,” said Chosen Silvius, flat eyes staring at her from the doorway.

Sapphire Kiss caught her weapon and snapped into a bow to her patron. Silvius was a man who demanded respect, despite his flippant exterior. Besides, the bow would help hide her sneer. She hated the way the man looked at her now, his eyes roaming her body like they were young lovers, or perhaps the way a butcher looks at a cut of meat. It was not proper.

“I came to bid you good fortune,” said Chosen Silvius. “And to make sure you were warmed up.”

“Thank you, patron,” said Sapphire Kiss carefully.

Sapphire Kiss is one of the more complicated characters that I have tried in the Domains of the Chosen series. On the surface she is a determined charismatic fighter, but early stumbles in her career forced her off the beaten path. To grow a fan base she turns to the Skyclad (naked) League and Chosen Silvius. Thus while she is pleased to make it to the Grand Championships, she carries a lot of baggage with her.

I put this character through a lot of humiliation, some of it makes me cringe to think about. I was unsure if I was on the right path, but early response to Sapphire Kiss has been very positive.

On the fighting grounds Sapphire Kiss uses the flying scythe, a weapon similar to a kasurigama. This gives her a very unusual, flowing style with a lot of surprises…

The Flying Scythe (well, kinda)

The Flying Scythe… kinda


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