Sunday Evening teaser: Fiona The Executioner

Fiona the Executioner is a familiar face to anyone who has read my short story, Bloodlust: The Great Games. In that work she is a an up-and-coming protege, who wins great acclaim by taking a big risk to win a Faction Challenge. Fiona primarily uses Necromantic magic, and has sort of a punk rock stage persona, all swagger and snarl, mixed with celtic knotwork for visual embellishment. The weapons on the cover of Bloodlust: The Great Games are hers.

The Gladiatrix was sure that her blow was accurate, but the whirling colours fooled her yet again. The silver arc of her weapon narrowly missed The Weird’s head as he fell back, rolling over his shoulder and coming to his feet.

By now Fiona had conjured two more of the screaming skulls, which hovered menacingly above her shoulders. Undaunted The Weird went on the attack, leaping forward, then lunging at the Gladiatrix. His long lean form, combined with the dizzying patterns of his attire, made it difficult for Fiona to judge the blow. She opted to simply sweep the staff aside, instead of trying to sidestep or deflect.

There was a flash of power as The Weird wove a spell, and Fiona found herself off balance as her weapons swept past the the staff, which seemed to be warping, twisting in the air. She pivoted, but the attack caught her just above the hip. The tip of the staff was blade now, and she felt it bite into her unarmoured flesh.

Fiona’s story is about the weight of expectation. She is lucky enough to be mentored by Chosen Marius, one of the most distinguished men in the Empire, and really wants to live up to this.

Waiting in her arming room, sweating from her pre-match warm-up, Fiona had trouble calming her nerves. She tried to remember that she had fought in this arena many times, while the Weird had not. She also had the Capital advantage; the crowds here knew her and loved her. If it came to a show of thumbs she would most likely carry.

Nonetheless, Fiona wanted to show her fans that she was worthy of their support. The weight of expectation, both hers and others, was upon her. At times she felt unworthy: the people of Krass, a Chosen for a Patron, the Gift itself. She was lucky, and felt the need to make the most of it. 

Despite the snarl and the swagger, Fiona is the most approachable and normal of the six Gladiator I chose to follow in Bloodlust: Red Glory. She is good to her fans. She respects those who help her. She is also the only one who does not contemplate engaging in shenanigans outside the arena to better her chances at winning.

Will the Golden Laurels fall to her? We shall soon find out…



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