Teaser Tuesday

Tuesday again, and time for a teaser from my next book, Bloodlust: Red Glory.

“As you have no doubt heard by now, there will be a Grand Championship Tournament held soon,” said Chloe diSilk, announcer at the Killer’s Circle, gazing down at the finest Gladiators and Gladiatrices in the Death-Leagues. “After some discussion, the members have decided to offer all of you the chance to win their support. This support will guarantee the best of you a place in the Grand Championships, you may be assured.”

Twenty Gladiators, all master ranked or close to it, looked at each other. Some of them could not help but compare their situation to a rabble match.

“The rules are simple, elegant, really,” said Madame diSilk. “You will fight until only four of you remain standing. Let the games begin!”

Spells began to fly almost immediately. A fireball scorched half a dozen fighters before the echo of the trumpets died. None of them fell, however, and the Gladiators broke into knots of action.

Chloe diSilk is a character from Bloodlust: Will to Power, a woman who bootstrapped herself off the streets of Dregs to become the Arena Master of the most important Death League in the Domains.

I fished her out of the backstory to use as a foil for one of the new characters in Red Glory and to show how an influential outsider can try to alter the course of the games.

Of course, where there is a Chloe diSilk, there is also a Baron Bones…


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