The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Blade Breaker 1.40

The first dusting of snow twinkles like a field of secret diamonds under the streetlights and I set about envisioning the foggy streets of Myrrhn.

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Sildus did not meet us on the way to meet Madame Glorianna. This worried me somewhat, but Myrrhn is unpredictable, and The Guild doubly so. Who knows what the masters of the Obsidian Spire would think of the assassin’s tale. They might simply cast him down for his impudence, rather than believe foolishness about the Devout and Elemental summoning bracelets that doomed the wearers. Power can cloud the mind, especially against the threat unaccounted for.

We shouldered, stared, and cursed our way through the crowded streets to the Doxie’s Union stronghold. I noted the presence of additional security as I strode up to the front gate. Big men, all scarred.

“Ragnar Grimfang, here to see madame Glorianna,” I said.

“She is currently indisposed, mr Grimfang,” said an enormous Ogre. It was then that I noticed that none of the men were ones that I recognized.

“Of course she is, brothers,” said I, holding up one of the rings we had pilfered from Stazz and Sons. “Hope you saved some for us. Only the strong.”

The guard smiled and the gate swung open.

“Only the strong,” he said. “Glad to see you arrived so soon, brethren. Lord Torvul is within. We have not quite subdued of the whores and their simpering protectors yet. Needless to say you can keep what you conquer.”

“Excellent,” I said, stepping past the Guard.

I nearly made it to the front door before he made us.

“Wait, you’re a Nor–” he began. The rest of his words were drowned in blood as the point of Renoit’s elegant blade blossomed underneath his chin. Of course being a disciple of the Devout, the enormous ogre did not die that easily. Instead he flailed about, trying to get at Renoit, who simply kept behind him. T’would have been grimly amusing if it were not for the fact that the rest of the courtyard exploded into action.

Murith’s crossbow twanged, taking a man off his feet. Git tossed a glass globe on the ground that shattered, spreading a rapidly expanding gel on the cobbles. Several men slipped and fell as they tried to cross the greasy stuff.

Meanwhile I shouldered into one of the Devout running toward us from the other direction. I was armoured and he was not, but my impact had little effect on him. As he sneered and tried to bring his weapon to bear, however, I swung my hammer up, smashing it into his groin. The fight left his eyes and he fell to the ground as surely as any man would. Another pair were upon me before I could triumph, pushing me back ferocious swings of their heavy swords.

Renoit leapt into the fray beside me, His blade danced, slicing open the eye of one and stabbing the other in back of the knee. I finished the latter as he stumbled, bringing my hammer down on the back of his neck and sending him crashing into the ground. I heard Murith’s crossbow twang again, some shattering glass and a whoosh of flame, then I saw a shutter open above us.

I was about to shout warning when I realized that it was an allie. A woman firing a bow of her own in defence of the Doxie’s Union. One of the unarmoured Devout went down as she shot him in the back and then in the head. Renoit finished the last one with a swift jab to the heart.

Then the Ogre fell down.

I looked at the group. Everyone was fine.

“Git,” I said. “The door with be barred from the inside I wager. Got anything that will get us in without setting the whole place ablaze?”

“Of course,” said Git.



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