The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Blade Breaker 1.39

It is late, the road outside is slick with rain, the moon is hiding behind the clouds, and the cat is lying on my laptop. A perfect time for some Shadow Wolf!

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“We need to stop this,” I said. Visions of the Devout sacking Myrrhn, enslaving and sacrificing everyone who did not escape, and the long war that would inevitably follow flitted through my head like the ghosts of wargs in the deep wood. I am no stranger to battle, but only the mad desire that kind of conflict. Endless fields of ash and corpses. Harvests left to rot because all of the able bodied are dead or on the march. The Devout had faith only in strength, and that faith could only be proved and expanded in conflict. Like all fanatics their ideology was self defeating, but that would hardly be comfort to those who would fall and suffer.

“How?” asked Renoit. The swordsman was cleaning his blade as we spoke.

“The list,” said Sildus.

“Exactly,” I said. “The list tells us who the Devout have still need to strongarm and who they have already co-opted to their cause with their little rings. If we can identify the specialties of the people on the list, perhaps we can figure out what people they still need. If that trail is cold we can try to find out where this gate is, one of these historians or architects is bound to know.”

“Once we know, we can set a trap for them,” said Sildus.

“We will need reinforcements,” said Murith. “I’ll send word to the Watch.”

“I will contact the Nightblades,” said Sildus.

“Can we trust The Guild in this?” asked Murith.

“The destruction of the city would be bad for business,” said Sildus. “Can we trust the Watch?”

“Save it for the Devout,” I said. “We need to be careful who we involve. The Devout aren’t subtle, but the people who they have enslaved using these rings might be.”


We left Stazz and sons and the Undermarkets, returning to the surface of the city. We reconvened at the Inn of the Willing Wench, the most secure safe Haven we could think of. Sildus left to report to The Guild while the rest of us took turns sleeping and examining the List of names.

“Lily Gemarkand, and Madame Glorianna,” said Murith. “Both of them are failed attempts. They seem to stand out next to many of these names.”

“Crimson Wind seemed intent on killing Madame Glorianna when we confronted her,” I said. “I wonder why.”

Git looked up sharply. “There is only one thing that they would try to prevent us from knowing.”

“The gate,” said Murith. “She must know where the gate is.”

A shiver ran down my spine. That must be it.

“Well then, I suppose we have to pay Madame Glorianna a visit.” I smiled. “Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but I suspect that fate is set on conflict. Arm yourselves and get ready, I will send word to Sildus.”



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