Teaser Tuesday

Well, after a very late night, I have completed the first draft of Bloodlust: Red Glory, the fourth book in the Domains of The Chosen Series. This book is slightly shorter and will come out early in the new year. I’m aiming to have a second book out in the summer, making this a two book year.

In the meantime I am working on updating Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s tale and seeing if putting it up for free more often will get my work into more hands. I have been told that this is the way to go for self-published series, and now that I have multiple works under my belt I am eager to try it out.

Meanwhile it is time to start up the teasers for Bloodlust: Red Glory, so here is another!

“I’m fine,” said Sadira automatically. “It is good to see you again Amoura! I love that gown, by the way.”

“I just wish that I had more occasion to wear it out where people can see it,” responded Amoura, gliding over the tessellated floor to embrace Sadira. “But enough with the pleasantries, I want to hear all about Ithal’Duin? Did the lost continent live up to its reputation?”

Sadira exchanged glances with Chosen Giselle, who had sent them to Ithal’Duin on behalf of the Council of the Chosen to spy on Chosen Brightloch.  The affable Chosen had been making his Domain near Kirif, a coastal city that he had made allies in. The news that they brought was of Brighloch’s death, betrayed by his Kirifan wives.

“Chosen Marius, Chosen Giselle–” began Gavin before a roar from the crowd drowned his voice as the match began. “We bring grave news. Chosen Brightloch was betrayed and murdered.”

“Brightloch, dead?” said Amoura, eyes widening.

The premise for Bloodlust: Red Glory is simple. Following the events in Bloodlust: The Shield Maiden a Grand Championship tournament must be held to replace Chosen Brightloch. Even advance news that a tournament must be held is valuable. Fortunes will be made and lost, and not just in the arena. Consider, for example, how much money can be made by the people who secure the contracts to supply food and drink.

“Tis true, my friend, Chosen Brightloch is dead.” said Captain Grumth, savouring the expression on Corvian’s face. It was not often that he got to see real emotion, shock, perhaps a little uncertainty, on his old friend’s face.

“What about the official announcement?” asked Corvian.

“Two days from now,” said Captain Grumth. “Maybe more if the Council wants to take its time.”

Corvian made some quick calculations. “Your men?”

“The men have been told to keep it quiet,” said the Captain, smiling. “I’m sure some will let it slip, but who would believe them. I want my debts cancelled for this, Corvian.”

The debt in question was fifty-thousand Krassics, a small fortune. Corvian was not in the habit of throwing money away.

“Done,” said Corvian without hesitation. “But I want you to stay here and enjoy my hospitality when you are not aboard the Glorious Star for the next two days. Everything is on the house.”

Captain Grumth shrugged. Very few dockside inns were outside Corvian’s sphere of influence. No one would be suspicious. Since his information was good, he had nothing to fear from his host.

“On one condition Corvian: I want a seat in your box for the whole Championships said Grumth.

Corvian smiled. He would have demanded the same. “Done. I’ll have the books and some wine brought out and you can strike the debt yourself.”

This passage is one of the Epilogues from Bloodlust: The Shield Maiden, illustrating some of the opportunities that can arise from being among the first to know that such an important event will take place. Corvian then goes on to secure various service contracts for the Parade of Champions, one of which he gives to another character as a gift. I don’t want to get into it too deeply and spoil anything, but think of how much big companies will pay for a superbowl ad.

Many familiar characters will return for Bloodlust Red Glory, including several from my short story, Bloodlust: The Great Games.


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