Nearly finished the first draft of Bloodlust: Red Glory!

I am on the final stretch for my next book. En lieu of a more complex post, here is a teaser:

Goldfin felt the pulse of excitement flow through her as the crowds flowed through the streets toward the Grand Arena. While she regretted becoming involved in such dangerous business, she could not help but feel a surge of pure adrenal joy as her plans came to fruition. The shiver of pleasure at the thought was wonderful, reminding her of that moment when she’d loosed the crossbow bolt that ended her father. This was a moment worth savouring, even if was one that she had been too impulsive in seeking.

In payment for her services, Goldfin had demanded a number of items from Chosen Ylith, mostly expensive looking jewelry, gems, and small valuable items. One of them was a bejewelled ring that acted as a key to one of her father’s hidden places. She was worried that Chosen Ylith would connect her to her past life, but then again she suspected that the Chosen would betray her on principle.

Note that this is in draft form and will be re-written. I enjoy the second pass and tend to add a lot before editing begins.

Goldfin is an alias used by a character from Bloodlust: The Shield Maiden. She is both familiar and unfamiliar in this book, having undergone a transformation of sorts. Like everyone in Krass she has been caught up in the Grand Championships called to find a replacement for Chosen Brightloch. In Goldfin’s case she cannot help but try to meddle, which lands her in an interesting position.

Bloodlust: Red Glory follows a handful of Gladiators and a handful of fans, citizens, and profiteers over the course of a single tournament. Everyone tries to get something from the tournament and the events surrounding them, and these goals conflict, clash, and ultimately reshape the games and what follows.

After I do a second pass, I will be looking for some extra beta readers. Message me if interested!


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