Shadow Wolf Glossary and Character Lists

My brother requested that I pull together some terms and notes for my Shadow Wolf serial, just to help people keep up with the story. It is by no means comprehensive.



  • Bjorn Magnison: Sapphire’s lover. Originally Ragnar thought Sildus killed Sapphire because he was jealous of her and Bjorn. Later he finds out that Sapphire, Sildus, and Bjorn were all lovers.
  • Crimson Wind: Madame Glorianna’s Sirutiran Bodyguard. Later revealed to be a Devout agent.
  • Git Thunderpants: Part of Ragnar’s crew. Git is a goblin, skilled in alchemy. He fights well, mostly through the use of distraction. Git and Ragnar met through adventuring.
  • Lily Gemarkand: Young, rutheless, and somewhat deranged, Lily Gemarkand is head of the Gemarkand Family, one of the seven families that dominate much of the trade in Myrrhn.
  • Madame Glorianna: Ragnar’s Boss. Madame Glorianna is the head of the Doxie’s Guild, making her a person of enormous influence in Myrrhn.
  • Magnisons, the: Bjorn’s family and clan are eager to carve up whoever they think killed him.
  • Murith Stouthand: Murith is a dwarf who grew up in Myrrhn. She currently works with the Watch, but is too honest to make it into the higher ranks. She used to adventure with Ragnar, and helps him out with interesting cases.
  • Ragnar Grimfang: Ragnar is a Nordan exile, and the hero of the story. He is average size for a Nordan, raven haired, and somewhat pale. As an exile he is not protected by the laws in Nordan lands. Ragnars past has not been revealed in the story but his exile was caused by failing to protect someone important, and he is a Twiceborn, a type pf ascended, which means at some point he died and later returned from death. Ragnar is a decent fighter, and his sense of Nordan honour makes him reliable in a city known for double dealing and betrayal.
  • Renoit: Part of Ragnar’s crew. Renoit is a swordsman from Loragons trained in Spranos sword-fighting. He is an ascended and made enough money from duelling to retire to Old Myrrhn.
  • Sapphire: Sapphire is the murder victim that starts off the Blade Breaker cycle. She is the lover of Sildus and Bjorn, and the sister of Lily Gemarkand. She worked at the Pink Pearl, a high class brothel that catered to the elite. She was a follower of Kamesin Greeneyes, a Sirutiran God.
  • Sildus: A member of the Guild. Sildus is one of Sapphire’s lovers and was framed for her murder. Sildus is not his real name.

The City: Myrrhn is a port built on a rocky archipelago that sits between the continents of Cayllandros and the Old World. It sees a lot of mercantile traffic and has been a free city for much of its existence (on and off). Myrrhn is often called the City of Assassins because of The Guild. Myrrhn is very cosmopolitan, but somewhat savage and dangerous to the unwary. The city is very old and has many tunnels and lost places, often attracting adventurers.

  • Doxie’s Union, the: Most of the prostitution in Myrrhn is affiliated with the Doxie’s Union. The Doxie’s Union is very influential, but decentralized.
  • Old Myrrhn: The oldest (intact) and richest neighborhood in Myrrhn. The seven families, greatest of the old Merchant Houses, live here.
  • The Guild: The Guild is an organization of Assassins, sometimes called the Nightblades. They openly operate in Myrrhn with semi-legal status. Their actions are governed by the laws of Myrrhn and The Guild itself.
  • Tallowglass: The seat of government and administration in Myrrhn. The name is apocryphal, coming from industries that used to be practiced there.
  • Watch, the: The Watch is a militia that keeps order in the city. Old Myrrhn has its own, privately run, watch.

The World

  • Nordan Lands: The Nordan Occupy a vast, rugged land west of the Old World. There are many Kingdoms in the Nordan Confederacy, as well as Clan Domains, independent tribes, affiliated peoples, and so on. All of them are, in theory, bound to obey a summons by the Nordan High King or High Queen in times of war.
  • Verdant Court, the: The Elves are ruled by the Verdant Court, which is located to the North of Myrrhn, in the Old World.
  • Sirutira: Sirutira is a vast plain southeast of Myrrhn, famed for its vast herds of cattle and the fierce horsemen who live there.


  • Ascended, the: The ascended are those who gain immortality and great magical power. One type of ascended are the Twiceborn.
  • Devout, the: The Devout worship strength. The Strong rule those who are weaker than them, while the weakest are vermin in the eyes of the Devout. The Devout adhere to their philosophy with fanatical zeal. They were once feared in the south until a rare alliance of all of the powers of the civilized world came together to smash them at the end of the War of the Ascended.
  • Garm: The Nordan God of secrets and rulership. Called the fate-thwarter. Think of him as an Odin figure, but with the key difference that he reads the strands of fate and tries to avert the worst outcomes.
  • Forgotten, the: Old Gods who maintain some of their divinity, but are no longer worshipped,
  • Kamesin Greeneyes: An ascended who became deified by eating the heart of a Forgotten God of Death.
  • Kiyari: A Sirutiran sword. Analagous to a katana in quality and fanboy reputation, if not in form.
  • Shadow Wolves, the: One of the Nordan Clans. The Shadow Wolves skirt the Nordan sense of honour. They do not fight fair, and often employ subterfuge. They are looked down on by the other clans for this, but are still considered part of the clans.
  • Skygge: The god of shadows, trickery, and wolves. Skygge is one of Garm’s sons. He is analagous to Loki in Norse Mythology, but never actually betrays his family.
  • Twiceborn: The Twiceborn are those who rise from death. Often they seek to revenge a great wrong. Some Twiceborn even rise if their body has been destroyed. Killing them a second time usually does the trick, although they are ascended so they are tougher and more capable than mere mortals.

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